Why Women go to the Bathroom in Packs

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 23:00
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Post written by Rick Doyle and Dave Coleman (See Relationships page for author information) 

Why Women go to the Bathroom in Packs

Dear Rickhead: I have wondered for the longest time, why do women feel the need to go to the bathroom together in a group?  What goes on in there?


                                               –Confused Carl

Dear Confused Carl: To realize that men and women have different views regarding the use of public bathrooms all one need do is take a quick look inside each facility.  Nicer ladies bathrooms are furnished, men’s are not.  The fact that a woman’s bathroom has furniture indicates that they intend to spend more time in there than a man would ever consider spending in a men’s room.  If a man loitered in a public restroom, and appeared to be enjoying himself, someone would quickly escort him to a padded room where he could be properly interrogated.  In addition, men’s rooms are often filthy, unkempt and not a place one would consider establishing residency.

In a public restroom, men adhere to a strict, unwritten code of ethics.  We don’t make eye contact, socially converse or loiter.  We don’t watch anyone else conduct his business and never, ever glance at someone below the waist.  We pretend to read graffiti on the wall in front of us (whether it exists or not) in order to pass the time.  Our mission is to get in, get the job done, and get out.

As men, we had limited knowledge about female bathroom etiquette.  So, we interviewed over 500 women encompassing 20 different states in order to find out the real reasons why they go to the bathroom in groups.  Here are the 10 most frequent answers we received:

1. For a brief makeover, to share supplies and to analyze each other’s dates. Women provide each other with affirmation on how they look and a quick synopsis on the progression of their date and suggestions on how to enhance it.


2. To talk about the men they are with. Conversations go something like this:


3. What do you think of him? Do you think he could really be this wonderful, adorable and amazing? No. Can he be this big a loser? Yes. Who dressed him and why? How do we escape? Won’t one of you please trade with me? How much longer until it is over?”


4. To act as “spotters” for one another as they take turns using the men’s restroom because theirs is full.


5. To talk about and critique other men and women they have observed.


6. To avoid being the brunt of gossip. If the entire table of women gets up and goes to the restroom together, there is no one left back at the table to talk about the ones who got up and walked away.


7. To covertly call the men they wish they were actually out with.


8. To check their answering machines for messages that would be inappropriate to play when they get home for fear their date might overhear them.


9. To have someone to talk to while waiting in line.


10. To take a momentary break from the pressures which surround dating.


11. Sometimes, though rare, they actually use the bathroom for its intended purpose.

Men have always known that something was going on in there, but until now, it has been a mystery wrapped in an enigma.  Thanks to all of the ladies who lit the match for us.

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