Welcome to Topic Island Classifieds

Friday, May 15, 2009 11:00
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Welcome to Topic Island Classifieds

We all want a bargain when we are shopping.  When we are selling we want a fast, easy and inexpensive way to get it gone.  Topic Island wants to bring everyone together and make it easy, fast and affordable.  Topic Island Classifieds is our alternative to Ebay, Craigslist, local papers, yard sales and everything else.  What is the catch?  Ebay has gotten so complicated with so many rules, such a short selling time and they fee you to death so buyers can do fairly well but sellers not so good.  If you’ve watched the news lately you’ve heard about Craigslist.  Local papers charge so much for a 3 line ad that unless it’s a high dollar item you simply can’t afford to pay $35 for 4 days to sell a $25, $15 or a $5 item.  Yard sales are a great place to get a deal but as gas goes up, temperatures rise and the sheer time it takes to sort through the junk and beat the crowds it just isn’t worth it unless you happen to be driving by.

Here is how we are going to do it differently.  We will have two programs; FREE and Almost Free.  Period!  No extra fees or costs, no intense calculations or percentages and we’ll make it very easy for you to list your items or buy items.  We will give you enough space for pictures and room to really describe what you are selling.  We will have a few rules that as always are pretty much common sense and similar to Freecycle.  No porn, no inappropriate pictures, items must be complete in description, one item per ad, you are responsible for your own sales and security (use common sense).  We are only a listing/classified ad service, not a reseller, broker or salesman for your stuff.  We will list all the details and rules on the classified section once it is up and running.  The big news is that we will allow you to put up FREE ads or paid ads that will run for 90 days at a time or until you sell your item and remove your ad up to 90 days.  Paid ads will be one fee (cheap) that includes everything.  Free ads will be exactly the same except instead of charging you money to place your ad we will give you an opportunity to get the same ad free. How?  We need to build up our website and you can help.  In exchange for one ad you need to put up three different links to our posts or pages that we can verify (by us clicking on them).  If all three are good you get 1 free 90 day ad!  Here is an example of how easy that can be.

Welcome to Topic Island Classifieds, Buy, Sell, Save

Welcome to Topic Island Classifieds, Buy, Sell, Save

Copy any 3 different urls from our website such as…






Just copy and paste 3 of our articles, URL’s, posts or main pages and if we can find them (of course you’re going to send us  which 3 in an email confirmation when we preview your ad) and click through then you get a free ad. Each ad must have 3 different URL/pages from our site, you cannot use the same 3 or use one more than once.   If you are on Delicious, Facebook, Myspace, AOL, Digg, Twitter, Buzz Yahoo or you own a webpage you can put up a link to one or all 3 pages on from our site to help bring people to us and it also helps bring people to you and what you’re selling or buying here.  Win, win for everyone.  The more you post on other blogs or sites the more ads you get to put up free.  For those who just want to sell faster a small fee gets you the same ad.

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