When You Cannot Get to Hawaii, Bring It to You

Thursday, May 7, 2009 1:00
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Post written by Rick and Tanya Doyle

When You Cannot Get to Hawaii, Bring It to You

I believe that all couples have certain memories that just stand out.  Your first date, first kiss, first child, a really lovely Saturday afternoon spent together or even a second honeymoon.  For my wife and I, it was our first meeting at a cheap restaurant and a couple of hours of riding a motorcycle in the late summer sun.  The first time we…  No you don’t get the details for that as I don’t kiss and tell.  But apparently I am a good kisser, but she’ll have to tell you if she wants you to know.  Our “I do’s” were blissfully uttered despite the worst case of cotton mouth in history.  Our first appliance purchase, first shared car, chore assignment, birth of a child (or in our case babies); the list is as long and memorable as anyone could ever ask for.  But one first we make a tradition of reliving regularly are pieces of our Honeymoon in Hawaii.  We visited three islands; The Big Island of Hawaii, Oahu and Maui.  We had both been there before and loved it.  My wife was stationed there when she was in the service and I had been there for business and pleasure a few times before. But being there and experiencing it together quite literally defined paradise and we’re still trying to figure out why we came back to Ohio? Oh yeah, we love winter snow and cold rain and insects and the summer heat of 95 degrees with 95% humidity.  Besides, who really wants perfect weather, gorgeous sandy beaches, friendly people, tranquil ambiance and room service with a smile and fresh tropical flowers?

Now that our life is full of toddlers, schedules and trying to get a blog off the ground a 12 hour plane ride and a tight budget are not conducive to a Hawaiian vacation in the immediate future.  On one of my previous visits to Maui I discovered a fantastic place on the Hana Highway called Hana Fantasy Flowers.  I believe that I have found the world’s greatest florist, owned and operated by a lovely lady called Sue Cuffe.  She not only puts together a Hawaiian flower arrangement that is cut right on the property, she also gets it to you fresh within 24-48 hours.  With proper care, Hawaiian flowers stay fresh for WEEKS, which is far longer than roses or other typical arrangements last.  Any poor, misguided unimaginative soul can send the worn out and overdone bouquet of roses to their loved one.  Been there, done that; red, yellow, peach, pink, two toned…big whoopee.  BUT, send a tropical Hawaiian flower arrangement, which by the way is about twice the size of a dozen roses, and your bouquet will stand out from every other arrangement that your recipient has ever gotten!  It boldly states that you are unique, exotic and mysterious.   You are worth going to the ends of the earth for.  You deserve a taste of paradise.  You are extraordinary.  They do cost a little more than a decent rose arrangement but the originality and thought…priceless!  Hana Fantasy Flowers doesn’t forget you either.  How Sue does it I haven’t the foggiest idea but if you go to Maui after ordering, she’ll remember you and invite you for a personal tour.  When you want to bring back those special feelings unique to a couple who have some time under their belts, give Sue a call to place an order and you’re instantly forgiven for just about any stupid thing you did that week.  All the folks at Hana Fanatasy Flowers are more like family than florist and they will make sure that your special relationship feels that same exotic wonder the first time or the 100th time you get that one of a kind bouquet from Hawaii. Or if you’re lucky enough to have not done anything stupid recently, then just send the one you love or any unique relationship you have a special arranagement just because. (Here is the direct link for the discounted “Dating Doctor” special for Mothers Day special http://www.hanafantasyflowers.com/datedoc.htm Dave Coleman and I have always had a special relationship with Hana Fantasy Flowers so here is a direct link to a deal that is too good to pass up, our gift to you, mahalo)

The other thing that can bring Hawaii to you when you get there is Hawaiian coffee!  We love BadAssCoffee (had to put the name together so we don’t get killed by search engines for language), Maui Coffee Company’s 100% Kona coffee or Kona Peaberry.  The 100% Maui coffee is also extremely good.  The only coffee better, but costs more than gold, is 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.  Drool!  For the price you can get the Hawaiian shipped straight to you for a reasonable rate, a little better from Maui Coffee Company but the packaging from BadAssCoffee is a bit more fun for obvious reasons.  The point is, when you are in Hawaii stopping into one of the coffee stores or enjoying breakfast and coffee on the terrace at the golf course that overlooks Molokini from Maui, is about as good as it gets. I remember once going into a shop to get a few pounds of coffee to take home.  I chatted and had a cup of coffee with the coffee guy who said as I was leaving, “Love ya bro”. Totally freaked me out!  You don’t get that in Ohio.  But he simply meant it in a nice, Hawaiian Aloha kind of way. Hana Fantasy Flowers, Maui Coffee Company as well as BadAssCoffee all have easy order forms online or toll free numbers that you can call to have a little slice or dose of paradise sent to your mate.  Couples who treat each other like they are in paradise have relationships that feel like paradise even in 15 degree weather while it is snowing in Ohio.

Anyway, every Sunday morning my wife and I brew up a pot of the “good stuff”. Even though it’s been 9 years since our last visit to the Islands, the unmistakable aroma and flavor, especially the Kona Peaberry, takes us right back to that patio overlooking the ocean and we are right back there!  So even though we may not be able to travel like we used to we have discovered ways to bring those awesome memories back, at least until we make new ones!  How about you? 

Dave Coleman and I have always enjoyed a special relationship with Hana Fantasy Flowers so we’ll share a direct link for special pricing that is too good to pass up.  Mahalo!




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