Finding Your Way, Date Smart! Chapter 1.10

Friday, May 1, 2009 1:00
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Post written by Rick Doyle and Dave Coleman (See Relationships page for author information)

Finding Your Way

Date Smart! Chapter 1.10

When reading our posts, think about these questions: When is a heart unavailable? What can I do to stop my attraction to those whose heart is unavailable to me? Is my heart too available? What can be done to make the heart I seek more available? What will empower me to have the wisdom to know the difference? Are the solutions to relationship failures in this book and within these posts?  How can I use the tools found within this book to pick and sustain healthy relationships? How can I date smarter?

If you feel troubled after reading this our first chapter broken down into posts in Date Smart!, chances are we struck a nerve and you can use some help. The more you discuss your past with healthy people, the more likely you’ll be able to find ways to transform your old patterns into healthy new ones. The transformation of your relationships from unhealthy to healthy will come from replacing the data (how and why you pick poor relationships) with new data. If you can read this book from start to finish and honestly work the exercises what has happen for thousands is that with with new insight and knowledge that we share with you, it should become increasingly more difficult to practice what you now know to be unhealthy choices. From reading this book we hope that the red flags become so well known to you that practicing a better solution should become the first and easier choice instead of what used to be your old methods of picking or maintaining unhealthy relationships. Then you can begin to take an active role in developing the social life you desire.

You can enjoy a healthy relationship if you choose to do so. Our posts from our book Date Smart! will show you that in order to find and maintain a healthy relationship you need to live in the solution, not wallow in the problem. It’s impossible to focus on a solution until you know what the problem is and where it came from. While you may feel that having a Broken Picker is a way of life, it’s in fact a state of mind. Feelings aren’t facts, they are thoughts. Change your thoughts and you’ll change your feelings. You can resolve your past with Edu-therapy (things you do on your own to enact personal change through INFORMING YOURSELF WITH NEW DATA), self-examination and equipping yourself with indispensable tools that can “fix your Broken Picker” and turn your passionate dreams into lasting realities.   

Read on and find out what shape you’re in. You’ll discover that your current condition drives the choices you make and determines whether or not your picks are successful ones. You’re about to engage in eye-opening, innovative, and reliable exercises and techniques which will provide you with invaluable information designed to help you peel away the layers of baggage you’ve acquired over the years. Find your favorite pen/keyboard and let’s get started. This is the last post for Date Smart! Chapter 1.  We look forward to sharing Date Smart! Chapter 2 with you starting next week.

Please come back each week as we will post the next piece of each chapter broken down into posts that you can comment on, ask questions or share your thoughts. We start Chapter 2 next week and decided to make thm longer, bigger pieces of the book, including all the tests and quizzes. We will eventually update and post the whole book Date Smart!

*Special thanks for co-writing this article goes to Dave Coleman AKA The Dating Doctor. Dave and I wrote Date Smart! back in Jan. 2000. The publication rights have now reverted over to us equally and, with Dave’s permission, I have edited the book and modernized some of the ideas we originally wrote. The book, Date Smart! is still available through some stores and you can contact Random House to request the book be reprinted. With enough demand they might just contact Dave and I to republish and possibly write another one. We are basically giving you the book to read in posts and encourage you to visit both Dave’s website and of course all parts of our website Neither the posts nor the book are in any way to be republished or sold or used without our express specific written permission and all posts are copyrighted and protected (ISBN-10: 0761521739,ISBN-13: 978-0761521730). Dave and I have written a number of articles together as well and so this serves as the byline. A huge thank you to Dave for sharing both our efforts and time to write what we hope are insightful, intriguing and informative articles that we share the creative collaboration and credit for working on over a number of years.


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