Picking up the Snake! Diagnosis . . . Snakebite, Date Smart! Chapter 1.1

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 18:00
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Post written by Rick Doyle and Dave Coleman (See Relationships page for author information)

Picking Up the Snake! Diagnosis . . .Snakebite

Date Smart! Chapter 1.1

On a cold winter day, a woman wearing a warm coat was strolling along a path and heard a hissing noise. “Psssst. Miss? Miss?” She turned around and spotted a poisonous snake. It said, “Miss, I’m freezing. Please put me in your coat so I can get warm.” The woman knew better and replied, “No, you’re a poisonous snake. If I do what you ask, you’ll bite me and I’ll die.” She continued down the path. Moments later it became more persistent. “Psssssssst!”  She made eye contact and he once again pleaded his case, “Please miss, I don’t want to freeze to death. Just let me warm up under your coat for awhile. I promise not to hurt you.” The woman repeated with conviction, “No, you’re dangerous to me. If I pick you up, I KNOW you’ll bite me and I’ll die.”  She continued on her way.

The snake changed tactics, using his sneakier nature to appeal to her emotions by saying, “Please Miss, I’m one of God’s creatures. You’re a good person and can’t let me freeze to death. Please warm me inside your coat.” This caring woman softened and asked, “Do you promise not to bite me?” It replied, “Yes, I promise.” She allowed her emotions to over-ride her better judgment and placed the snake inside her coat. She felt him slowly coil around her waist as he settled into her coat. It was reminiscent of the warmth of a first embrace. Suddenly, his razor sharp teeth sunk into her flesh. As she realized her mistake, pain, fear, regret, anxiety and depression set in. As she fell to the ground, fatally wounded, the snake slithered from his latest victim. The woman asked, “Why did you bite me? You promised you wouldn’t hurt me.” The snake coiled, and stared back at her without remorse. With the callousness of an old pro who had exploited another victim, the snake reminded her of what she’d chosen to ignore, “You knew what I was when you picked me up.”

Does this snakebite story sound familiar to you? We often put aside what we’ve learned from bad experiences with the opposite sex when we’re once again tempted to believe in someone. How many times have you entered a relationship knowing that the person may end up hurting you? Excuses can allow us to ignore our better judgment when someone tempts us. Victims come in male and female versions. So do snakes. We meet someone we’re attracted to. We’re tempted. We close our ears to warnings from people who care about us. We want to believe that “This time will be different.” And then we lick our wounds as we wonder, “Why does this always happen to me?  From bitten, to wounded, to scarred – when will it change?”

Can this cycle of getting into relationships that aren’t good for you be stopped? Absolutely! We intend to show you why bad relationship choices happen to most of us and how to attract someone of the opposite sex who will be a good partner in a satisfying relationship. You can do it. Even if you’ve been attracting unhealthy people your whole life, you can have a relationship that will bring you joy, comfort and support and not have you on edge all the time. Sound good? Then keep reading. Happiness in a relationship can be yours once you learn why you keep getting into ones that aren’t healthy and how to use the tools we’ll provide to make healthier choices in the future. You can do it! 

Please come back each week as we will post the next piece of each chapter broken down into posts that you can comment on, ask questions or share your thoughts. We will eventually update and post the whole Date Smart! book.

*Special thanks for co-writing this article goes to Dave Coleman AKA The Dating Doctor. Dave and I wrote Date Smart! back in Jan.  2000. The publication rights have now reverted over to us equally and, with Dave’s permission, I have edited the book and modernized some of the ideas we originally wrote.  The book, Date Smart! is still available through some stores and you can contact Random House to request the book be reprinted.  With enough demand they might just contact Dave and I to republish and possibly write another one.  We are basically giving you the book to read in posts and encourage you to visit both Dave’s website www.datingdoctor.com and of course all parts of our website wwww.topicisland.com. Neither the posts nor the book are in any way to be republished or sold or used without our express specific written permission and all posts are copyrighted and protected (ISBN-10: 0761521739, ISBN-13: 978-0761521730). Dave and I have written a number of articles together as well and so this serves as the byline.  A huge thank you to Dave for sharing both our efforts and time to write what we hope are insightful, intriguing and informative articles that we share the creative collaboration and credit for working on over a number of years. 

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