Joy of Whine

AKA Venting

This is where you pour the whine.  So maybe you’ve had a bad day, horrible traffic, rotten breath, have an evil boss, bad dog or a cranky baby.  Don’t get fired, kick the dog or resort to road rage. LET IT OUT!  We are all human and we all need to vent.  Share it like you mean it, but keep the language clean. We can’t wait to hear your whines! We also know that for some of you the topics can cover anything and everything and can also be very funny, especially if it didn’t happen to us.  This is Topic Island but the main purpose of the Venting category is to provide a place to spew that pent up frustration that friends and family can’t seem to relate to, tolerate or listen to one more time.

This is also about having a little cheese with your whine!  Remember that the best anyone will ever be is human and NOT to take anyone or anything too seriously.  Life is way too short to blow a mental gasket over a dented door in a parking lot, even if your new car is only 2 hours old.  It’s just a dent, not nuclear winter.  Also along this vein we’re not going to let anyone destroy the reputation or fine opinion of the last little tramp or boy toy that just used and abused you.  Yes you can gripe, complain about what they did, rant and rave about the evils of their latest betrayal, howl about the profound brain damage they suffer on an epic scale of stupidity.  What we will not allow is names, addresses, phone numbers or a description so exacting that it draws a map to the only possible person you could be describing.   We want to hear your anguish and your irony, pleasure and gratification but we don’t want you to hurt anyone or to be hurt by anyone.  Venting means to let off a bit of steam, release some pent up frustration, tell or describe the pieces of the story that are absolutely driving you to the brink of insanity.  We do not tolerate plans for revenge, verbal abuse, character assassination by blog or other intentionally harmful attempts to get even.  Tell your story, share your feelings, give your opinion but we are watching to make sure it is with a reasonable degree of anonymity and tasteful disclosure.

When it comes to gossip just ask yourself these 3 things; Is it good, is it true and is it necessary? It may be good, it may be true, but when it comes to gossip, it is never necessary. You can be totally disgusted with your ISP, furious with your boss, describe your fantasy of actually getting good service or good tech support within your lifetime. But please watch your language and use your imagination when writing passionately. You know what I @#$%^&*! mean. 

Tell us about your travel woes, product complaints, serial morons or chronic idiots that plague your life.  Tell us about the car that never runs right or the Ex that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.  Tell us about the new puppy or child that just won’t potty train or the lawyer, company, doctor or paperboy that has made your life a living nightmare.  Share the story about the cashier or salesman who made sure you got “the deal” you will never forget.  Maybe you just want to relate the blind date or a terrible fight you had with your spouse or friend.  Those of us that are in a little better place might just give you the answer you’re looking for to turn things around.  Then again, it never hurts to see just how bad it can get for someone else to put your problems into perspective.  You might just find a bit of inspiration from someone else’s perspiration right here. 

So pull up a chair and your keyboard or blackberry and either tell us what’s eating your lunch or offer a little support.  We’re always here to help you appreciate the Joy of Whine! To get started click on this category: Venting