Vacation Destination, How Travel to Anywhere On a Budget

Friday, May 8, 2009 12:00
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Post written by Tanya Doyle

Vacation Destination, How Travel to Anywhere on a Budget

Are you and your family just dying to get away but you simply can’t manage to stretch your budget far enough?  This can be the perfect opportunity for you to teach your kids a valuable lesson, especially in today’s tight economy, the proverbial example of how to make lemonade out of lemons.  Simply take your vacation at, or close to home.  A “staycation” will provide a quality vacation without breaking your budget.  You’ve heard resorts advertise their amenities as “all the comforts of home” but no resort will ever be tailored to your personal needs like your own home is.  Whatever money you do have budgeted for travel and accommodations, no matter how small, can now be used to create your perfect vacation at home.  Think of the luxury of lazing around in a lounge chair with that book you’ve been meaning to read and splurging on special treats that you normally wouldn’t indulge in or having the time to explore any adventure within driving distance.  No suitcases to pack, no to-do lists to check off, no lines to wait in, no crowded planes and you get to sleep in your very own bed.

If you decide to skip travel for a staycation, remember that it’s easy to fall into slug mode and too much downtime can drain your energy. So remember to treat it similarly to a regular vacation and make plans.  Decide on definite start and end dates just as you would with a regular travel vacation to make it feel like an official vacation. Otherwise, you run the risk of feeling like any other night in front of the tube. You and your family should decide what your idea of the vacation is and where you want to be at the end of it.  You can imagine or go anywhere allowing your family more fun for less, it is only limited by your imagination and resourcefulness. You can turn your backyard into a vacation destination complete with tent, volleyball, hula hoops, horseshoes, or picnics and barbecue.  Fill your time with daily activities and make sure something takes you out of the house every day. Don’t do any chores!  That includes making beds, running the vacuum, pulling weeds, paying bills or anything that you wouldn’t do on a regular vacation.  And make sure to take lots of pictures or videos.

If your perfect vacation was to go to a particular place, such as Hawaii, then transform your home into a tropical paradise.  Find some recipes on Hawaiian foods that your family particularly likes, put on some Hawaiian CDs, go ahead and wear those clothes that you were planning to pack for Hawaii and make a trip to a nearby conservatory or aquarium to really put you in that tropical mood.  Or you can make it an educational vacation for both parents and kids by choosing a destination on the map.  You could let the kids choose or just give your world globe a spin and have someone point.  When the globe stops spinning, wherever the finger points is your new vacation destination.  Do a little research and find out about the local customs, foods, music, currency and landmarks. 

Whether you live in a big city or a small town there’s probably a farmer’s market within driving distance.  Take the family and choose some fresh fruits and vegetables, spoil yourself with a big bouquet of flowers and look for some farm fresh baked goods.  Or you could visit a local orchard or fruit farm and let your kids choose and pick their own healthy treats.

If you and your family are more interested in adventure, check out your city’s website and research what discoveries there are to be made right in your own community.  Every town is famous for something.  A lot of the time residents are so busy with their lives that they miss out on their own landmarks and attractions.  Imagine you’ve never visited your county before and go try out everything a tourist would.  Go horseback riding, go to the beach (if you’re lucky enough to have one nearby), take the whole family for a bike ride or take a hike on a local nature trail.  Visit parks, restaurants, museums or attractions that you’ve never been to before.  Spend some time alone or with your kids and your family.  You just might remember how much fun they can be.

Being out on the water is a great way to celebrate the summer and is especially enjoyable when the temperatures soar into the 90s.  There’s a lot of different things to do and they vary both in terms of price and activity level.  You could go white water rafting, paddle kayaks or canoes around a lake or on a river, spend a day at the beach or you could splurge and take everyone to a local water park.  If none of these are options for you then break out the sprinkler and rediscover just how much fun you can have acting like a kid again and playing in the spray.

No matter how tight things are in this economy, allowing yourself some time with family thru a staycation that is filled with fun at home without having to travel will reap some great rewards. After all at the end of a happy, exhausting day you can just kick back and relax because you don’t have to unpack!

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