Fathers Day Rocks, Thank You Kids with Love from a Happy Dad

Friday, June 5, 2009 12:00
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Post written by Rick Doyle

Father’s Day Rocks, Thank You Kids with Love from a Happy Dad

Just around the corner is Happy Fathers Day again.  Like a lot of dads out there I’m very, very lucky.  Becoming a dad was the surprise of a lifetime.  It was something I never expected and for me it came in spades or at least a pair. Twins!  A boy and a girl on the first and only shot which is so much more enjoyable now that we have advanced past the diaper stage.  There is almost a sense of elation that comes when your son or daughter says “Daddy”.  When my son sees the tractor he just about comes unhinged so I love taking him for a ride to his grandparents…it’s a country thing.  My daughter is a curious mixture of girlie girl with a dash of tom boy jumbled up in a gorgeous bundle of energy.  Yes, I have to admit that she’s got me wrapped around her finger like one of her blond curls but I’m still not getting her a pony!  In other posts I have talked about corrupting them with old rock ‘n’ roll while their mother is trying to give them a twang with exposure to country music.  Nice try!  I have to say, either I’m getting softer in my old age or being a father is starting to slightly degrade my level of crunch.  Either way I’m the one that owes a thank you for all the love I get every day, not just on Fathers Day.

For example, there was a time when I could name every song AC/DC ever did and was happy listening to the Back In Black album endlessly repeat, all day long.  Now I go to bed with Apples and Bananas repeating endlessly in my head.  When I used to get tickets for Molly Hatchet I couldn’t wait for the familiar ringing that went on for days after the show from being blasted out of my seat.  Now as Father’s Day comes up I am happy to crank it down because my children’s hearing is more important than feeling concussion beats through my spinal cord. My daughter has also taught me the Wonder Pets and Backyardigans theme songs.  I am a happy father but these days it is getting tough to hang on to my roots, my rock ‘n’ roll, my love affair with screaming electric guitars and bone crushing bass and drums that roll like thunder.  Then I realized how much my children remind me of my rock favorites and so I have found middle ground.  They have become my new rock.  When I look at them they clearly bring to mind certain songs that make me think of them.  I love music that I can share that expresses pieces of my personality I hope I can pass on or influence them to become.  Since they are at the tender age of 4½ my wife puts the kibosh AC/DC and Led Zeppelin so they don’t get to hear them unless they walk into the barn while I’m crankin’ it out.  So I’m playing PG rock for my kids like this one which very much describes my son’s behavior and attitude.

Needless to say he is a little rambunctious and when he sees Cars and the racing his engines get a little revved up.  His sister on the other hand always asks the TV after the crash, “Oh no!  Are you okay?”  He is crazy for four wheeling on our track and if it has a motor he wants to ride it or wreck it.  (He drives like his mother with her one pedal only philosophy).  My daughter on the other hand reminds me of this.

She is a dancing fool.  If it has rhythm, a beat or repeatable words she is dancing and singing her heart out even if she has to make up the words she doesn’t know.  She loves to stand on my feet and dance and whether it’s in front of the TV or she’s just bopping to the beat at the dinner table she will likely end up being my little head banger. 

If you don’t have twins, let me tell you at age 48 with two 4 year olds my house has become a danger zone.  I never dreamed a hallway could become a toy lined gauntlet, or that a whole roll of TP won’t go down a toilet, milk was for drinking not wearing or mopping up and I won’t even get into the whole booger thing.  One child to watch no big deal it’s a breeze.  With two they invariably go in opposite directions.  One runs left, the other runs right and the trick is deciding which one is going for the most dangerous zone like the creek, barbed wire fence or anything they can get into trouble with. My children are the best but together they remind me of this (plus my son is a flying nut.  If it flies he’s hooked)!


All joking aside my children have been the key to me becoming a different man, a father.  A person that I never thought could exist and surprisingly find myself becoming really, really happy and whole.  They are a gift that my wife, for all I tease her, talked me into the best decision I almost never made, becoming a Dad.  Marrying for the first time at the tender age of 39 clearly shows that she was my accidental angel and my children a miracle that every Father’s Day I now celebrate with a heartfelt thank you that is best played here.


It may not be rock ‘n’ roll but my three little heathens have rocked my world as hard as any concert I ever went to and I always have a front row seat.  It just goes to show that my life is on a highway that I never planned on traveling. Now the traffic signs that I heed are to get a hug before you leave the house, kiss your kids every night, don’t over fill cups, wear shoes or help clean up toys, don’t blow bubbles in your milk, all you need is love (and wipes), if you didn’t get 3 kisses today you probably didn’t give three kisses and no matter what they always come first.  I ended up taking detours that I never planned on.  The highway I thought I was supposed to be on was to create wealth and success.  I now realize that my children are life’s little plans that were made for me when I let go and trusted what I so easily passed up as an exit I didn’t want to take.  I was wrong again.  My destination is a far better place than I would ever have imagined or dreamed.  Every time my kids put on the cars video and I hear this song I think what a lucky father I am and every day rocks because I finally got off my path and got on their road.

My Happy Fathers Day would not be complete without my customary father’s day gift which is simply that I don’t have to do anything that day!  No Honey Do list, no wiping butts, no cooking for the crew, it’s a long list but for one day not my list! My wife and I don’t buy gifts but we encourage the kids to make something for us on Mother’s Day and Fathers Day and each other gets an official day off.  It never happens that way because we will always be Mom and Dad.  As a dad and proud father, I will always be there for them every day.  It’s the best job I ever had, a role that’s become part of me that now helps shape who I am.  As I was once a son and always will be even though my dad has been gone for many years and my wife’s father is basically my dad now, I will always be there for my children.  And on Father’s Day that is what makes me happy and makes this day rock. 


While it may be my day, what I put into my relationship with them is the legacy of what Father’s Day should really be about.  It’s now a day for me to reflect on what I bring to these awesome little people that I have the pleasure to call my children.  The Thank You and Happy goes to them and my wife and without them I would be lost and probably still single, cranking AC/DC and this special day would be just another day to rock.  What’s Father’s day like for you?

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    April 9th, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    this is great ive bookmarked this one hehe

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    February 6th, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    Great article and thanks for posting this post.

  7. Jennie. says:

    May 26th, 2009 at 10:59 am


    I saw the article about Fathers Day and think it is great that so many people are making ideas and plans ready for Fathers Day. I really need to get my thinking cap on and start thinking up ideas on what I can buy Dad this year. I sometimes find it quite hard to come up with new ideas, but I guess sometimes it is better to stick to the ideas which I know he will enjoy. I think the whole family will be taking him out to his favorite sea food restaurant on Fathers Day, and I think my brother is going to take him to play golf in the afternoon. I won’t be able to make it till much later on but I will be there for the meal which will be nice. I have found it hard to find a Father’s Day card which I think Dad will like, also I find that shops always charge so much money for cards, so this time I have decided to try something different. Dad is always on his computer playing card games and puzzles, so I think I might try and send him an eCard this year.

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