Happy Mothers Day with Love from Your Husband and Kids

Monday, May 4, 2009 19:34
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Post written by Rick Doyle

Happy Mothers Day with Love from Your Husband and Kids

My wife and the mother of our kids has the perfect attitude about commercial holidays like Mother’s Day.  She tells me to have the kids pick flowers or make clay hand prints or get her something from the heart, not the store.  When your children are twins who are only 4 and don’t really say much yet, asking what they want to get Mom for Mother’s day is a bit unproductive, at least for now.  So, I was sitting at my desk and thinking while listening to so of my wife’s favorite tunes when the kids bop around the corner, jump in my lap as they almost always do when they hear music playing because they love to watch and move to the music.  Of course, they have their favorites and some of those very much sum up who their mother is and why we love her so much.  Then it came to me.  So I’m sharing this video ‘post’ card with all of you along with a little about how these songs reflect my wife’s personality either by its tone, lyrics or beat and what makes her who she is.  I guess I’m not the first cheap husband or hopeless romantic to ever come up with this.  This is in lieu of a traditional Mother’s Day card.  My kids can’t really tell their Mother how much she means to them but seeing the joy in their eyes when songs play that make them think of their Mother is worth a thousand words.  I thought I’d let the music tell you who she is and why we love Mom.

While the video is a bit old and dark the music just says get up and dance! My wife will go shopping with her mom once a week and our twins act like their mother is never coming back (we get the same reaction if she walks to the mailbox too) but as always she comes back and like her frequently used screen name (you guessed it, “Sunshine”) we all get a hug and a kiss and are Walking on Sunshine!


Walking on sunshine – Katrina and The Waves

Mother’s day would not be the perfect day without some R and R for Mom. I get the responsibility of all the dishes, potty help, making breakfast, lunch and dinner and Mom gets the day off so she can just play with the kids or do whatever!

Perfect day – Hoku


When she was in her 20s my wife and Hoku could pass for twins.  Even at 41 she looks so much like her which is why our kids think the video is so cool.  Hoku looks just like Mom and she rocks!

My tribute would not be complete without mentioning the other side of Mom.  She is an Army Veteran and when we first met I quickly discovered that while she was a real country girl she also had a little rock ‘n roll in her soul.   So our first concert was AC/DC and you could say that from the day I first laid eyes on her to the day she became a mother, to today I have been…

Thunderstruck – AC/DC

Yes she is a qualified expert with an M16 and grenade launcher (her favorite) and she  makes the best apple pie and fried chicken on the planet (and maybe off world as well).

My wife and the future mother of my children started breaking me into country, nice and easy.  The first time I met her parents, her Dad took me for a walk in a corn field with a LARGE 357 Magnum tucked in his belt, who informed me that I would not be “trifling with his daughter”, ever.  I had a long ponytail, an earring, I drove a corvette down the gravel drive to the farm and hadn’t the foggiest idea what “trifle” was other than the distinctly unsettling fact that it rhymed with rifle.  Considering my wife’s taste in music she turned me onto this little gem.  Not a day goes by, or a visit with Granny and Pop Pop, that I don’t thank the powers above for my in-laws as they are truly remarkable people.  My wife and I look forward to having the “trifle talk” with anyone who wants to date my daughter but thankfully we have a few years before that.  ‘Trifle’ is country for what Earl did to Wanda.  Apparently Earl either didn’t get the talk or the poor slob just didn’t listen.

Goodbye Earl – Dixie Chicks

All things being equal I had to mention this as my wife is, and will always be, a good girl! I think she considers herself a bit of a rebel and she told me she had this Van Halen album so she must have been a party animal in the 80’s.  This goes back to her Army days when she was stationed in the Philippines. While she is a great mom she still reminds me of this video because after nearly nine years of marriage I’m still…

Hot for teacher – Van Halen

We all love music and can often be seen around the TV, in the car or at our desks acting like Ferris Bueller.  Like this final video her contagious smile, her silly nature and her energy seems to spread through all of us and can only be summed up with a classic! Enjoy!

Twist and Shout – The Beatles


I’m a lucky husband and my children have the best Mom in the world and we are not afraid to show it. Life with my wife feels a lot like this and when my kids see her dancing around to this we will all have a perfect Mother’s Day.  Hope yours is too!

Love from Me and the Twins XOXOXO

P.S. If you’re a dad or husband who has forgotten Mother’s day this will definitely get you out of trouble and back into her good graces.  Tropical flowers from Hawaii will say it better than words ever could!  This is the direct link for the discounted “Dating Doctor” Special that is good year round so don’t wait to send her a surprise I love you any day of the year, not just Mother’s Day.


Dave Coleman and I have always enjoyed a special relationship with Hana Fantasy Flowers so take advantage of this fantastic deal that is too good to pass up.  Mahalo!

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