Teaching Parents a Lesson About Their Children and School

Monday, June 22, 2009 12:00
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Post Written By Rick Doyle

Teaching Parents a Lesson About Their Children and School

Parents, we at the PTA would like to welcome you to the 2009 education of your children and three ring circus also known as school.  We would like to share with you the lessons your children will learn and partake in this year at school and you can trust us when we say we are going to be teaching your children things that you as parents never got when you were in school.  We can almost guarantee you will be stunned with what your kids will be forced to learn whether you agree with it or not.  In fact since your property taxes and other dollars are at stake we are going to show you parents that the lessons we learned in the past are not being repeated today.  All decisions concerning your children are being exercised on your behalf without any consent, concern or consideration of what is important to you.  We have a fine agenda that we are sticking to so you don’t have to worry about what your children think, feel or believe.  Over the 13 years that your children attend school we will instill our beliefs and techniques in your children influencing how they vote, live, act and function in the future.  When the 13 years of indoctrination are completed you won’t even recognize your children or the values we have taught them. Watching the news regarding parents, teachers, schools and their curriculums today is like watching a horror or a sci-fi movie, and sometimes like a shocking news program broadcasting a live assault.  We will allow the two parents attending this meeting to ask a few questions of our teachers, school administrators and school boards during this PTA meeting to see how things have changed and where things are going in the days ahead for parents, students and their school. Thank you for coming to tonight’s PTA meeting and thank you for the great turnout.  We’ll take questions from both of you now.

Question: We have seen school reports of teachers that are being paid $65 million dollars per year in New York and over $10 million in one California county alone.  The Los Angeles Unified School District has 178 teachers and staff who are paid full salaries and benefits while awaiting their misconduct charges to be resolved.  These teachers are being paid year in and year out even though they are on leave due to a pending disciplinary action that has not yet been heard.  We understand that the teachers union has put a clause into the contracts that teachers who are accused of a violation, must be paid indefinitely, no matter how serious their offense.  What are you doing to either expedite hearings or remove this clause as services and staff are being cut yet paying not only the teachers who have to cover for the accused teachers or staff but also those that are getting paid to do nothing ?  How do we get rid of bad teachers and stop wasting money?

Answer: Nothing.  The individual school systems, superintendent and the Board Members are completely at fault and have failed to maintain an efficient system.  Meanwhile, we’ll just keep paying the accused teachers and allow it to go on indefinitely cutting services to offset the expenses.  Next question please?

Question:  We understand that in some states same sex relationships are being taught not as the norm, but are being made REQUIRED learning for kindergarten through eighth grade. Some schools are considering severe punishment including fines, possible summer school and even failure for pulling your children from these lessons, no matter what your belief system is. Yet parents who don’t see The Pledge of Allegiance, Christmas or other traditional activities as being acceptable because of their convictions or beliefs and are allowed to excuse their children from those activities or even force the school to compromise by discontinuing what is considered traditional American beliefs and practices.  What are you doing to treat all parents and children fairly and what are you doing to address concerns of sexual practices and other leftist ideologies that are being forced down our throats?  Why are sexual values and societal norms being disregarded and why are sexual belief systems being molded into required curriculum not only at such a young age but without regard for parental permission or discretion?  While we are all for sex education, teaching that same sex relationships is the standard and forcing attendance to such education seems a bit extreme considering the simple fact that if homosexuality were the norm we as a human race would die out.  How is it that patriotic allegiance, God and Santa Clause are the enemy of children and Atheists have taken over our school curriculum?

Answer: Good questions.  We just follow what they tell us we have to do. We just raise taxes to pay the attorneys along with a few parents who file lawsuits along with the ACLU and other liberals that challenge anything normal.  Until we all conform to the minority we will all have to turn the other cheek since this one is a little black and blue.  Next question please?

Question: We understand the school system is considering getting rid of ANY type of special recognition including Class Valedictorian, athletic, scholastic or any type of award for outstanding achievement. What are you trying to accomplish through the abolishment of individual achievement, accomplishment or team spirit?

Answer: Despite the fact that a student or team may excel at something it will exclude the few that don’t. Therefore in a determination by the few that everyone should be treated equally we had to eliminate identification or recognition of special achievement.  Individuality leads to self expression and non compliance.  If there is one thing to be learned from traditional socialist and communist thinking that the individual is unimportant and that linear thinking is a must. Cattle and sheep typically move where you want them to as a group and individual achievement and success cannot be tolerated if we are going to continue to run your lives.  Next question. 

Question: What is wrong with our children’s school books and lessons?  Why are the books inaccurate or in some cases have distorted the truth till it’s completely falsified the facts. What happened to the lessons we all learned in history class that should be pretty well written in stone? We understand slight variations or minor accounts being changed but no matter what a book says, WWII and 911 did happen.  The course of history is still history and the attack on Pearl Harbor December 7th, 1941 could only happen on December 7th, 1941. After watching numerous news programs, browsing books and a Google search of “things no longer taught in school” which yields a whopping 29,300,000 hits it has become obvious that everything from the holocaust to creation to sex education, basic facts in history are being manipulated by certain organizations.  We don’t understand how everything from our children’s textbooks of basic lessons like Darwin’s theory of evolution to words like peanut and ketchup and according to an expert and author in education Diane Ravitch’s book, “The Language Police” that hundreds of words have been dropped from our children’s classroom education as well as their textbooks for asinine reasons. Many of us lived through the Vietnam war, we know many laws as we followed as they were created and famous trials and events and we know exactly what happened.  Can you explain how or who is responsible for the blatant and serious misinformation and in some cases even pure fiction being presented as accurate facts to our children?  When will the false and misleading lessons and censorship of the truth cease?  Why are parents not allowed to review which textbooks are being used before, during and after each school year and who is choosing the inaccurate textbooks to teach from rather than traditional or mainstream text?

Answer: Many times only one person makes the buying decisions for textbooks or the school boards decide on the curriculum but since none of you are experts or the ACLU we have no reason to change this.  Next question.

 Question:  What is sexting and what are you doing to intervene or have you considered any early detection or intervention strategies for drug or alcohol abuse in school? Why are kids not allowed to hug each other anymore?  Why are older kids who live just a few doors from the school taking the bus and not walking to school?  Why aren’t schools playing the Star Spangled Banner, reciting The Pledge of Allegiance or allowing military recruiters on campus to share their experiences serving our country? Why are we not teaching our children patriotism anymore? Why are the children’s school meals starting with chocolate milk, artificial drink mixes, pop tarts and sweet rolls for breakfast? Why are ultra processed foods, carbohydrates and sugar the mainstay of the school diet? When is the menu going to address childhood obesity and nutritional dysfunction? Why there is a barrage of magazine subscriptions, candy bars, popcorn and worthless plastic housewares that the schools have our children constantly pressuring friends and family to purchase despite it’s useless and unhealthy nature?  Why are we not raising extra money through more creative or community activities like festivals, fairs, car washes, project or product inventions by the children or teachers?  Why is the hand always out for a tax increase, yet some classes and schools are overwhelmed with useless grants and wasteful “required spending” yet teams and uniforms and classroom necessities are drastically short? Finally, why are we the only two parents here?

Answer: (For this answer please pinch your nose and in a bored, nasally voice repeat the following or choose the one that best fits) We don’t care; We can’t afford to care; We don’t want to care; You’ll have to pay anyway; It’s not our problem; That’s too much like work; We have to do it that way; Most parents are too busy or just don’t care; Someone higher up is making us do it that way and Great point, we’ll look into that. Thank you for coming, we hope we’ve answered all your questions and we’ll see you next year with further deterioration of services. 

Note: Some schools are better than others and some have held the old values while others have succumbed to ridiculous pressures, forced changes and sacrifices and we really empathize with you. Some just have their bad apples and poor education boards to blame. If you don’t show up, speak up or vote then your voice will never be heard and your children’s needs will never be met.  We also understand that a few have controlled the majority. The primary lesson that we’ve learned is that you have to be involved or at least be willing to participate if you have any chance of stopping the train before it runs over your children’s education. Due to the energy crisis the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.  Don’t get caught in the dark when it comes to your children’s education. Maybe we should resurrect our old slogan, “Question authority!”.

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