When Companies like Sportsmans Guide, MidwayUSA Use Plan B

Monday, July 27, 2009 12:00
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When Companies like Sportsmans Guide, MidwayUSA Use Plan B

(This could have also been titled: MidwayUSA and Sportsman’s Guide to Out of Stock Items)

This is just my way of patting certain companies on the back and making sure I don’t recommend that you do business with them.  When companies start to drop ship everything from their supplier or they decide that it’s a good idea to advertise a product they don’t have and can’t seem to get customers start to talk about the exceptional service and level of dishonesty they’re getting.  This has been the case with my recent and past experiences with Sportsman’s Guide and MidwayUSA. They have opted to use Plan B.

Plan A is what typical businesses use when they sell you something that they actually have in stock, they either put it in a bag or ship it and you get the item immediately or by mail within a week or two.  Plan B is used when a company has a bunch of junk or overstock, post a sale or special, advertise X, Y, Z and while you’re looking around you see other things you want to buy or think are for sale.  The company entices you to do business with them by sweetening the deal.  An example might be orders over $50 get free shipping or get 20% off your purchase when you spend $100 or more.  So you hunt around and find a good deal on a few things, place your order, enter your credit card number and then your confirmation tells you the items you want are on backorder or out of stock.  They give me a back order date of a/b/c so what’s a few weeks especially with the discount.  Guess what, you get an email or you check your account status and to your shock the backorder is backordered again?  No way!  New order date d/e/f.  After about 3 months you call Sportsman’s Guide or MidwayUSA to find out why the date has been pushed back again.  Their answer is “Wow, we have been flooded with orders for these items and the supplier is doing the best they can, so we promise you’ll get them soon.”  Yeah, right!  Would that be before the next millennium?

I thought surely any responsible, trustworthy company doing business would either take down the products they can’t get or mark them out of stock or not available in this or any other lifetime. No, they’re just going to keep advertising that they have what they actually don’t. C’mon, order more!  Great prices!  Guess what?  3 months later no items and no emails with an update of another backorder but they’re still charging me, without the discount, and whatever money or availability there was at the local Wal Mart when they were CHEAPER is now long gone.  Then comes the arrogant voice over the phone from customer service who tells me that they can’t get the items I ordered at the price THEY want.  They sold me the items for say $50 and they were buying them for say $25 but now the manufacturer is charging too much so they keep telling me that the item’s on the way when in reality they can’t make the margin they originally planned on or might even have to take a loss to honor their commitment to me.  Hey Sportsman’s Guide and MidwayUSA, I’m not your corporate buyer nor am I the idiot that didn’t order enough or underestimated the market.  And I most definitely was not the idiot that kept advertising and selling things I did not have or couldn’t get.  Therefore maybe I shouldn’t be considering contacting the Commerce Department and the AG of my state to report potential fraud.  Maybe I should have gone to the local Mom and Pops or the over the counter stores like WalMart where what I buy actually gets handed to me at check out.  Maybe every person who reads this should call companies like Sportsman’s Guide and MidwayUSA and ask them for the contact information regarding complaints they will be getting from the State Attorney General’s Office or the Commerce Department for pulling the same garbage on you that they pulled on me.  Let’s see, pony up some extra money, maybe flatten their margins or even take a loss but learn not to sell or advertise things they don’t have or can’t get at the agreed price.  Maybe a little False Advertising or Retail Fraud charges would be cheaper to defend.  I have said this before, as the consumer we have the power, so if you let big business treat you like dirt, lie to you or use Plan B with little or no desire to fulfill their end of the bargain until it is profitable for them you have an option to shop elsewhere with honest businesses.  You might pay a little more but at least you’ll get what you order and you know they are telling you the truth, not just baiting you to get their stock down while dangling other items they either can’t or won’t deliver.  Business needs us more than we need them.  When the consumer stops letting themselves be victimized by bad service, bogus deals, bad savings or indefinite backorders and starts to hold companies like Sportsman’s Guide and MidwayUSA accountable it will get better or they will be bankrupt and without a base.  I can go to any gunshow or Cheaper Than Dirt and either get the product or the truth (which is what Cheaper Than Dirt does since they don’t let you order what they don’t have in stock). Just a side note update both companies have pushed my order out till October and I have been waiting for products since March.  Not bad a 7 month wait and I doubt I’ll get my orders within a year, maybe ever!

I’m sure everyone out there has experienced this sort of thing so standing up and using the bloated system to protect your rights as a buyer is what will bring it to a stop.  We would love to hear your stories and similar experiences with Sportsman’s Guide and MidwayUSA as well as others.  Your comments are always welcome.

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