Introducing King Obama, Omnipotent Leader and Savior

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 1:00
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Introducing King Obama, Omnipotent Leader and Savior

This is an Opinion Editorial piece based on recent media coverage and the terms used in this article are to test out how well it fits the current president. You can respect the Office but not necessarily the man.

I thought that might get your attention.  I noticed President Obama as soon as the media elevated him to the status of demigod.  How could you miss the headlines, “Fearless leader saves us at any cost from having any choice in the future”.  He is our leader and our savior.  If you don’t believe me just ask anyone who voted for him. He can do no wrong.  He is all knowing and all powerful.  His grandiosity and omnipotent attitude is worse than a narcissistic doctor with a God complex.  No one would cross him and no one would question him, at least not without his teleprompter.   When you are omnipotent you are beyond reproach anyway.  He will spend us into salvation as our economic savior and all roads will lead to “Because I said so”.  I can’t wait for the coronation! Introducing King Obama!

If you don’t believe he has achieved god like status, let him tell you himself.


You may not have heard King Obama say repeatedly that he didn’t want to own a car company, was not in the car business and did not want to be. Yet he just paid $8 Billion for a bankrupt car company and sold it for $2 Billion and they say that Chrysler may be worth $35-$39 Billion.  He has also given tens of Billions to GM so he can be the largest share holder (aka owner) of yet another car company so he can own two of the 3 major automakers in the US within the first 100 days on the throne! Since he is loaded with experience in these matters he fired Rick Wagner, the CEO of GM, before he even bought it.  Thank God he saved us from that abysmal inexperience behind the helm. Luckily for us, he is not new to introducing one idea for our comfort while doing the exact opposite.

Fortunately he also owns, just like every other President has done in history, almost every major bank, insurance company, and financial institute that money can buy.  Don’t be silly, you don’t have to actually HAVE the money that you spend when you can PRINT it.  Oh, I’ll bet he changes that too.  I’ll probably have Obama on my bills before the end of the year.  If there is such a thing as a $1 Billion dollar bill and $1 Trillion dollar bill he certainly has spent enough to get his picture on them. The Omnipotent One should forever be remembered for the greatness he brings to our beloved country. Well his country.  The United States of Change, and to the Republic for which only Obama, Biden and Pelosi stand, one nation, under their rule and thumb, indivisible with restriction and suppression for all.  There you go a new pledge to go with that change.  I gotta get my commie card.  Joe the plumber, I’m behind you and thankfully King Obama is behind me.  Wait a minute, I’m bent over.  Hey, I thought you weren’t going to raise taxes and that us little guys would get rich off the sweat of the rich guys.  Obama promised!

What do you mean the USA has no money and no income?  Obama, you spent almost $3 Trillion in less than 100 days, now you tell me you can’t walk on water?  You promised no more war yet we’ve still got two wars and Iran’s about to go nuclear, Pakistan is about to lose its nukes to our friends the Taliban (you know, the guys you invited to play in our sand box as well as the guys you let out of jail so they can get a second crack at us).  North Korea should be no problem especially after you let pirates play with our sailors for 5 days before you decided that 3 guys in a dinghy could probably do a lot of harm to a Navy Destroyer. Bravo!  Quick and decisive like an omnipotent ruler of the people should do, just like the fast and friendly handshake with the local dictators in South America, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro’s brother, Raul. Praise the man behind the White curtain who is number one and is making sure that transparency is the word of the day. (Or was that an Iron Curtain?) That internet posting of laws before signing is working out very well at about 5% of the time.  That meticulous line by line review and careful budget cut you promised worked out another conscientious $3.5 Trillion wisely spent by you our leader and your comrades.  I’m sure that the recent failure to pay taxes by many of your appointees and your overwhelming generosity at my expense, my children’s expense and many more generations are much appreciated by your mindless supporters and illegal aliens throughout this great country. You are putting the save back in savior!

Luck would have it that your medical degree blessed us with more wisdom recently with our first plague under your rule.  Will the great King Obama, savior of the rich from themselves please save us from swine flu?  You say it’s only in 5 states and just a few cases.  “Trust me, there is no need to close the door now it is already here”.  I love that kind of advice, I’m going to use it in my next 2 crises.  I just had a pipe burst and my basement only has a half inch of water in it so far, why shut off the main now that it’s already wet down stairs?  Why stop the damage and contain it to maybe a $1,000 when you can fill the house to the roof!  I was also thinking it was a good idea to ask the infected people over to the house who have swine flu; Oh, sorry H1N1.  (I forgot when King Obama doesn’t like the way something sounds and he declares that terror events aren’t really terrorist events, they are simply “manmade disasters”).  Once they get to my house we can all share it and then I can suggest they go visit their families in other states as soon as they can catch a plane, that way the 5 states that had it can spread it faster to the other 50.  This sets up the omnipotent King, to TAKE more power under the guise that, “I need the power NOW”, to save you from doing something foolish like choosing what Doctor or what hospital you want to go to. Obama knows all and will choose for you. He will save health care. Doctors love to work for free. Soon all the power will be in the King’s hands and we won’t need guns or money or food or insurance or houses or do anything but work for the almighty since he is going to own everything anyway. Besides, he proclaimed that it should only be another $625 Billion dollars he will decree with his minions (that would be Democrats in Congress and the Senate) that this new bill WILL get passed quickly.  I wonder why they call them Bills).  Some experts, obviously not as smart as savior Obama, think his genius could cost tax payers closer to $1 Trillion dollars to get nationalized health care started the first year, but what do they know compared to the king?  

Besides, in six months to a year from now I’m sure our energy costs will triple due to King Obama making sure the carbon tax is passed and renewable energy is only 20 years out and keep pushing the Ethanol so we can pay 5 times the current food prices for cars that aren’t being bought or made.  Our nation will be bankrupt and our dollar won’t even be worth the ink and paper it’s printed on but we’ll all be EQUAL since the rich will run to another country and the illegals will have overrun ours. I’m sure when tax day comes around and the unemployment rate is below 25% we will all be marveling at what an all around smart guy our great King Obama is. He is introducing us to change everyday in every way! Change I can believe in!

Listen folks I’m all for change but a pile of crap that becomes a mound that turns into a hill that rapidly evolves into a mountain MUST be removed before the stench overwhelms us. If you think it’s bad now and something smells fishy with all the power grabbing and incredibly stupid overspending is going to make it better, you had better wake up FAST.  Savior, Sadist, Satan, Succubus and Scumbag all start with an S. If you don’t take back the power that is lent to leaders “by the people” you will be too sorry too late.  Start with impeaching a liar for example like Senator Arlen Specter.  He said he was a Republican, he let you vote for him as that!  Those that vote along party lines wanted those values and certainly did NOT vote for a Democrat for a reason.  Then to the great delight and willing to do anything for the newest Democrat, King Obama gets a convert.  The savior saves the day for a liar and a coward who should be investigated, charged with fraud and impeached.  One down! Every Politician who promises one thing but does the opposite should GO! We are THE PEOPLE start acting like it!  When you are acting like king of the universe and so beyond reproach that you spend $357,000 in tax payers money flying an empty Air Force 1 with a fighter escort over terror stricken New York City just to get new PUBLICITY shots and then not even have the decency to claim your blunder.  That’s just shameful. Being omnipotent and savior also comes with a plausible deniability clause for everything.  Ask his First Court Flunky Pelosi about what she was briefed on regarding the CIA interrogation techniques.  Despite more than thirty briefings in the last 7 years she will tell you that she can’t remember a single one, despite thousands of records and documents detailing everything along the way.  Plausible deniability works just fine for her.


Perhaps she was having an out of mind experience at the time? Oh silly me, this is the “new transparency!”  Just to note Pelosi’s idea of fair and balanced, Americans safety comes last and the rights of terrorists, “manmade disaster specialists” come first especially since they play fair.  You know, decapitating soldiers and contractors on the internet, public castration and burning the US infidels alive, capture and torture of civilian workers plus some extortion and execution to convince us that they are serious about killing anyone who doesn’t hold their same beliefs. Thank you Democrats, Pelosi, Biden and Mr. Omnipotent himself for protecting those poor terrorists and making sure we don’t yell or ask hard questions of them while they are in custody.  Our principles are worth more than the tens of thousands of US lives it might save by NOT using harsh techniques like shouting or pouring a cup of water on a terrorist to find out who or what was their intended target.  Let’s all die in a public venue when it could have been prevented but instead we put the bad guys at the Hilton and make sure they are comfy.  Thank you Nancy Pelosi.

The only thing better than a tea party is an impeachment.  Go on say it, IMPEACH Obama!  See?  You feel better.  Refreshed, you have the power so go call your friends, tell a neighbor, call a talk show, write a blog comment, but say it, impeach King Obama!  You are your own savior!  Control your destiny and your children’s.  Just say NO! No you do not have my confidence to spend us into bankruptcy.  No, you cannot control private businesses like banks, insurance, healthcare and auto companies.  I revoke your license to harm the market or small business or anyone else and I don’t have to stand back and watch you destroy my country and my rights for 3 years and 250 more days.  Try introducing corrupt politicians to the idea that you can vote out thru impeachment the Obama democratic court jesters.  You can have any of your appointed or elected idiots investigated and you can solicit your senators and congressmen to impeach Obama and Pelosi and Biden with a letter and a call. People, you have the power to write news, media, politicians and tell them enough is enough.  All you have to do is take 5 minutes and if enough of us yell it loud enough, WE WILL BE HEARD. When the chorus gets loud enough, someone will act. How bad are you going to let it get before you say something? 1.4 Million Americans lost their homes in the first hundred days of King Obama’s reign.  Do you think that was just coincidence?  1.4 Million is a lot of voices and I’m sure they are not happy with the new King.  That was UP 800,000 over President Bush the previous year.  I am so glad Obama is changing everything.  Fact: With the New Hope Program, King Obama declared a fund ($300 billion dollars available to struggling home owners) was open to anyone who needed help with a mortgage to save their home. Out of thousands of applications by desperate distressed homeowners for months now how many got saved? Only 1 (One) person has been able to successfully fill out the impossible paperwork and jump the hurdles set up by, his majesty.

One last disturbing fact; today is National Prayer Day which has been publicly observed by US Presidents for nearly 60 years.  Today also happens to be the day that the new god and savior to the banks, omnipotent King Obama, releases his report on the “stress test” for the 19 largest banks in the US. According to the King and his money experts, early reports are indicating that some banks are undercapitalized.  So now the threat by the head shareholder, President Know-It-All, is if you haven’t raised your capitol by June 9th according to his standards he will take over control.  Of course, you can always borrow your capitol from the Royal Bank of My Way if you haven’t managed to raise your capital by then.  Either way, Obama will own you.  Meanwhile, despite all the crisis and problems in the Nation, Obama has opted not to rally the people in a national day of prayer but rather to go behind closed doors and pray to himself.  Who knows what he’s doing?  Maybe he really is praying, or perhaps polishing his throne or flying his empty plane since we don’t want all those religious types hanging out in the White House on this day.  After all, the Left wouldn’t like it.

This might be my last chance at freedom of speech as I’m sure the king has media companies on his shopping list.  Don’t be afraid to say the I word…Impeach.  It’s a good word.  What Nixon and Clinton did will seem like schoolyard pranks compared to the damage the King will inflict.  If you don’t believe me, let’s do this again on 4/16/10. I’ll either be eating crow or standing next to you outside congress begging for a new change.  Impeachment!

P.S. I let a few family members read this article before I posted it. They were worried that the King would send someone to take me away in shackles.  I reminded them that such things only happen in dictatorships, monarchies and communist countries. As far as I know we are still allowed full first amendment rights here, for now. I’ll call the ACLU just in case, but I think he owns that too.

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