Agencies, Politicians, Religion, Role Models, Out of Control

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 1:00
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Agencies, Politicians, Religion, Role Models, Out of Control

I’ll apologize now since this is round three of Venting in my series on multiple complaints about the system, who is running it and how it is being run. See part one heresee part two here, see part four here

Pros: Everyone appreciates one of the above for something. Some federal agencies actually do some good once in a while.  Some Preachers, Ministers, Rabbis, Priests etc. actually carry a message and do some good while teaching good basic values and principles.  Politicians breathe and give away money (I had to say SOMETHING nice!).  Animal Rights Activists spend a lot of money and make the hamsters of the world feel safer (Okay it’s the best I can come up with on short notice since I have to care for my neighbor’s puppies).  Pro athletes make us cheer and root for the next record to be broken as well as provide entertainment off the field with their antics.  Models are essential fantasy fodder for every pubescent and girls need yet another inappropriate role model.    

Cons:  They all have one thing in common; they’re over paid and full of themselves and hot air.  Federal Agencies come in several sizes based on their worthlessness. Take the IRS for example, computers can do what the angry hostile workers do, but much cheaper.  The DOT and EPA are massive institutions who are very good at spending billions, costing people billions and actually taking nearly 2 steps back for every step forward.  These agencies have become so badly corrupted they now do more harm than good in most cases.  On the other hand, the small agencies that actually help people like the Farm Bureau and agencies that help the handicapped are ALWAYS underfunded and understaffed.  I have worked with a number of Federal agencies over the years and I recently had an FBI Supervisor tell me that a $1 Million embezzlement case could not be investigated because it was “too complex” and he didn’t have the manpower or resources to investigate it. This situation also involved enormous product safety issues that had already caused two deaths, hundreds of injuries and numerous felonies which was all documented making very little investigation necessary.  (Luckily he had the manpower to investigate a 40 year old murder/cold case shortly thereafter and I saw a case where the FBI was investigating someone posting pictures on the web of Ms. New Jersey kissing when she was younger.)  Regarding the same product safety issues, I also had an NHTSA/DOT Supervisor say that the situation to be investigated was “was too much like work”.  Upon initial review one of the agencies attorneys even said that while the evidence was overwhelming they just couldn’t generate enough enthusiasm for looking into the “deadly effects” of the matter even though it affected tens of thousands of people.  “New administration is coming in so people really don’t want to take on anything new in the interim”.  Again the DOT was busy investigating a bus crash of tourists in Texas making sure new bus rules were being written.      

Religious Clergy are a topic that really cranks me up and not with praise!  Let’s look at Jim and Tammy Baker, Jesse Jackson, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart, Roman Catholic Archdioceses of Cincinnati, Boston, Dallas and Los Angeles just to name a few and Wikipedia lists 73 pages which doesn’t include all of the RCC and televangelists or the Jim Jones and David Koresh’s of the world.  Some of these folks lie, cheat and steal, sleep with everyone but their spouse and sexually abuse children in addition to mass suicide and other feats of accomplishment in the name of God!  Don’t forget the leader of the free world just elected in November of 2008 has a fine 20 plus year relationship and spiritual influence like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright as a spiritual advisor. The Reverend Wright was kind enough to inform everyone, “God Bless America. No, no, no, God DAMN America” and this favorite, “Barack knows what it means living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people” that goes with this, “Racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run!…We [in the U.S.] believe in white supremacy and black inferiority and believe it more than we believe in God.” Put that all together with Reverend Wright who married Barack and his wife Michelle. He baptizes Barack’s two daughters and has been Obama’s pastor for more than twenty years.  He is even credited in Barack’s book, The Audacity of Hope, and the title actually came from one of Reverend Wright’s sermons. Despite the disowning of Reverend Wright when the President finally got too much heat for the ministers antics, you have to ask what kind of guy decides that exposure to this kind of preaching is a good idea and takes him more than 20 years to get up and walk out of the church? Anyone who doesn’t think that sitting thru 20 years of “I hate” sermons doesn’t  have a deep core impact into what a person believes and does must be pitifully ignorant.  I heard that the Archdiocese of Cincinnati just bought one of its Cardinals a $490K home with 4 bedrooms and 6 baths complete with a limo and driver because he needed it and it was a good investment.  When Religious leaders make more than CEO’s and still can’t keep it in their pants maybe the tax free days ought to end for anyone who makes over $75,000 a year, even if they’re spreading the good word.

I don’t even have to comment on the politicians because there isn’t a person who lives in the US that doesn’t have a crook in office connected to your pocket somewhere, be it local, city, state or federal.  If they are not a crook, then they are a MORON who got into office on one good lie after the next. When the badly corrupted system starts infighting among them seleves then the only harm they can do might be to each other and not the good people who accidentally voted them in to office based on their daily lies.  Hey people, read a paper or watch the news.  Does it look like we are all saved now?  The last time I looked, the buffoons running the show gave away $2.4 Trillion for tennis courts, useless bridges to nowhere, programs that don’t benefit anyone, etc.  The PORK list is record-setting yet the unemployment rate is shooting into the stratosphere and demolishing Wall Street while still claiming “It’s getting better”.  Oh please.  The biggest loss of jobs and personal wealth in the shortest period of time in our history so we can all get $18 a week more for those of us who still have a job.  Do the math; you could’ve taken the 300 Million in the US population and given every man woman and child $80,000 EACH.  Instead, our fine leadership has decided that they will stimulate the economy by spending like a drunken sailor on shore leave and giving each family an average of $18 a week or $936 a year.  Wow, now that will make a difference.  Thank you for spending me, my children and my grandchildren into poverty for that whopping improvement.  This group should not be allowed to go to the potty alone without supervision.

The Animal Rights screamers should all be required to live on a self-sustaining farm for one year.  See what produce they can grow with no population control for deer, raccoons, skunks, birds, mice, ground hogs, coyotes, ticks, insects, Ash Borer Beetles, possums, etc.  They all like our food as much as we do and I would imagine that attitudes towards the cute, furry little creatures would change dramatically when they ARE STARVING! Farmers have lost entire harvests to uncontrolled deer population and since they have 2-3 young each year their populations tend to get out of control in a short amount of time.  For example, on a small farm 50 deer can easily explode to 100-150 the next year, 300-400 the next year and so on.  The Department of Natural Resources recommends reducing the population by HALF just to keep balance. Permits for deer hunting in our area are 6 deer per 9 day season annually for each hunter. Guess who’s winning this one?  It certainly isn’t the farmers.

Pro athletes used to play for $20,000 a year in the 1960s and ’70s.  They played for the love of the game and felt lucky to be able to earn a decent living at doing what they loved.  These days pro athletes get $2-$20 Million as a signing bonus.  I love sports and was very athletic and competitive in high school.  But it’s out of control when parents encourage their kids’ sports dreams only to discover that their role models are doing drugs, getting arrested for DUI’s, illegal gambling, domestic abuse, etc.  IT’S A GAME!  A game that’s so badly corrupted at this point and driving such bad media that our true role models aren’t even visible anymore. These role models now do more harm than good and have even found ways to harm their sports/professions we didn’t even think possible.  They need to cap salaries at a reasonable amount and maybe our players will once again start playing for the love of the sport.  One strike and you’re out of the game forever.  Encourage your kids to play for fun; that’s why they call it PLAY!

Models, you are with the athletes for a reason.  $3,000 for an invariably hideous dress and whine about animal rights is not what I would like as a role model for my daughter.  Top off a haughty attitude with anorexia, bulimia, spending thousands to remove a millimeter here or there all in the hopes that the career will last another year.  So if you were born pretty enough to be a model please consider getting an education so when the looks give out you can fall back on something useful, like varmint hunting to help out the farmers!

If these are the people we look to for help, leadership, guidance, inspiration, we are in a world of hurt!  I remember when our Moms and Dads, fireman, policemen, town councils and neighbors were the best.  I remember when serving in the military was celebrated and ‘proudly served’ was honored in and out of the service.  I remember when the US had the biggest stick, the most successful economy and records were played and made by heros with a clean record.  I also remember when a politician was called upon to STAND UP for our rights, not TAKE them.  I remember when taking responsibility didn’t consist of blaming it on someone else but rather admitting that no one got to their position without their role clearly influencing the outcome. Do you remember Jimmy Carter?  Do you remember that he promised real change? Remember 17% interest rates on mortgages, the gas crisis, giving away the farm and the near collapse of the economy before Ronald Reagan took over?  Weak, strong, see the connection?  Do you see the similarities now?  Hello, President Hugo Chavez.  I feel better knowing Clinton made North Korea promise not to play with nuclear toys anymore.  Maybe Iran will promise too?  We see how well that diplomacy worked out.

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