Bailouts, Banks, Weight Loss, Political Correctness all Fail

Tuesday, May 5, 2009 12:00
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Bailouts, Banks, Weight Loss, Political Correctness all Fail

I’ll apologize now since this is only round one of Venting in my series on multiple complaints about the system, who is running it and how it is being run. See part one heresee part two here, see part three here

Automotive Industry, Banks, Weight Loss Programs/diet aids:

Pros: I’ve had many cool cars over the years. I put a lot of money in the banks over the years.  I like food a lot, maybe too much.  Everyone has a pro for these 3.

Cons: Chevy, Chrysler (already there) and maybe even Ford, LET THEM GO BANKRUPT!  I’m sorry but bad business decisions, poor planning, over expansion, UNION BLACKMAIL, healthcare and spending billions to prop up idiotic ideas and false hope for a lost cause is insane.  (Definition of insane is; repeating an action the same way and expecting different results).  I feel badly for some of the old timers, but if you want to save jobs, wipe out the old contracts/unions wipe out the old idiots at the top, get rid of the totally ridiculous failures like flexfuel/ethanol which is why food and gas prices went thru the roof in 2007-’08.  Get rid of the product lines that are junk and reduce some of the totally over regulated and unnecessary junk required on cars and lighten them so they will be more fuel efficient and we can get back on our feet. Spending 100% of the Countries debt on about 2% of the population is nuts.  People used to make money in this business just like Banks did.  People would earn their money, deposit it in the bank and then the bankers figured out what your loan limit was by how much you made, time on the job, your income to debt ratio and your ability to pay a down payment of at least 10% to 20%.  But profitability, loose laws and the idiotic idea that EVERYONE should have a house even if they can’t afford it created a mentality of, “Let’s give everyone 20% more than they can afford and not require deposits or equity”.  Now add pressure from the bankers and stock holders to a slowing economy and housing problems plus a side order of reading the numbers better than they really are.  Throw in a whopping dose of unemployment and a huge amount of executives bonuses and enormous write offs/downs and you have the makings for a near total collapse, run on the banks and a recession on the brink of a depression.   By the way this formula works for nearly every bankrupt company, auto company, bank, hedge fund and anyone else in financial difficulty.  All we need is a little stupidity on a multi-trillion dollar scale by our fine elected.  How much will it cost you and your children for each round of bad govenment decsions?  I remember the depression being run by the same side and it only took 2 decades and a World War to get us out of that mess.  All this adds up to a good reason to “Nationalize” everything which is a nice way of saying “dictatorship or socialism/communism” and we know that always works out so well.  Maybe we can lose all of our rights too!  I finally had to put weight loss in this group because it just seems that this is so closely related and the solutions so similar we might see a connection if we talk about it.  Weight Loss Programs and diets have such a great track record and work so well.  All diets work to some degree.  As long as you are “removing” something and thus reducing your caloric intake you will probably lose a few pounds.  But unless you change why or how you put on all the extra pounds you are only temporarily modifying the bottom line with a diet or weight loss program.  If you put on a hundred extra pounds thru terrible eating habits, eating to cope with stress or emotional eating (in my experience with thousands of clients) almost all weight loss is temporary unless you resolve the core issues.  Go off the diet and the weight comes right back.  Compulsive lifelong dieters will nod in agreement.  Minor weight gain which is less than 10% of a healthy weight along with advancing age and reduced activity is not the same problem. There is only one FDA approved product and the side effect requires a change of clothes and again, once you stop you are likely to gain it all back if your core habits aren’t changed.  Most of the programs claim either an easy quick fix or they claim that you can lose weight without exercise and still eat all you want if you take their pills.  Others rely on behavior modification thru repetition, laxatives, extreme concoctions that are dangerous or deadly such as Phen-Phen, speed or extreme surgeries with big risks.  We’re not saying that a few don’t have long term success, just that by addressing the issues that trigger the actions with behavior modification and exercise ALWAYS works…and it’s free!  The formula is to stop eating junk food, get regular exercise, ask yourself why you eat what you eat and then replace those overeating habits with another activity. Paying hundreds of dollars for diets that don’t work or are temporary fixes are unnecessary.  When you look at the FDA, MD’s and legitimate authorities on the subject they all tell you to reduce your calories, make better choices, stick with an exercise regime and resolve issues that you use food to cope with feelings.  The only thing that all those expensive Weight Loss Programs and “easy diets” will lighten is your wallet. Sounds like a bank. Banks and Automotive companies these days offer about the same success rate as weight loss. Put lots of money in, low interest, high fees, rarely permanent, full of fat but you can cut them completely and do better with less risk on your own. Cost cutting by the people, novel idea!

Political Correctness:

Pros: You can’t have PC without a genuine desire to be nice, gentle, all loving, all accepting and just wonderful at your core. 

Cons: As you can tell I’m not too pleased with the pacification of our country.  I don’t really care for people who want to turn my son into a girl or my little girl into a trashy Disney teen wannabe or tell me that my rights have been violated because of exposure to “One Nation Under God” or “In God We Trust”.  I also don’t appreciate paying for illegal aliens, 4th generation welfare pregnancies and drug dealers or domestic violence/sexual abuse losers who reside regularly in jails with all the finest entertainment with absolutely no contribution and sponge off of our society like a parasite.  I think that Veterans can never be repaid for the debt we owe them and you don’t have a right to open your mouth in protest or say a word without thanking them first.  You would be speaking German, Japanese or Russian if it was not for them.  These men and women fight extremists so we stay safe in our.  I believe that we will see unspeakable horrors and acts of terrorism against us and our allies in the years to come that only after millions die will we perhaps muster the nerve to take care of that threat once and for all.  I believe that scaring the hell out of someone, killing thousands of people by crashing planes into buildings while hijacking other planes and inducing nationwide panic is terrifying, thus terrorism. NOT “manmade disasters”.  I believe that when shell bombings, bio attacks or chemical attacks occur on US soil, be it home grown or foreign in nature, and we are all terrified to leave our homes or are up to our elbows in dead, only an idiot would try to rename it.  People who blow us up, commit piracy, crash planes or get caught planning mass destruction against our US interest don’t deserve anything but swift decisive justice. Especially if they are NOT a US citizen they do not need US council or a nice cushy cell in the US with money and a job when they get out.  In fact if other countries are not willing to house you because you are a terrorist, excuse me, “manmade disaster specialist”, maybe an island and a military court in the middle of nowhere where you can’t do any harm is a good idea.  US courts and rights are ONLY for US citizens.  Someday we will stop giving billions to ‘dead men walking’ and countries simply to pacify them and instead will just kick their butts.  We will help those who help themselves and we will stop outsourcing and put the bums in this country to work or get rid of them.  Maybe a few countries whose butts we’ve saved over the decades will consider repaying their debts to us for a change. Republicans (the silent majority) had better get it together or the party in control will rapidly dissolve every freedom we have had since this country was founded, which will put me in a bad place because I’m just not going to make a very good communist or socialist.  I like meat. I hunt.  I like my truck and carry a ton of farm supplies which won’t fit in a Kia or a Yugo.  I very much support renewable energy, stop the pork, welfare, and excessive pay talked about above and we could be fossil fuel free in 10 years. Health care should be sliding scale and capped.  Be a doctor because you love it.  Play professional sports and stay clean because you love it.  Don’t commit rape, murder, steal, vandalize, defraud, or terrorize others.  I like the death penalty.  It works and might prove to be a deterrent were it enforced on a regular basis.  Liberals and Democrats, try feeding yourself without farmers.  Let’s try real hard not to believe terrorists and countries with nukes like North Korea when they use the words “I promise to stop building nukes”.  Better than all that is outlawing “slightly aggressive” but relatively harmless interrogation techniques.  Okay people, let’s get this into perspective.  We are fighting an enemy that publicly performs decapitation, castration, burning to death both civilians and soldiers.  They bomb non-military targets and use women and children as human bombs and shields.  They swear an oath from their first day in school to “kill ALL the infidels” which is every man, woman and child that doesn’t live by their religion’s rules.  Obviously these guys got a copy of the Geneva Convention and would never do anything like play by the rules.  So let’s look at a really good hypothetical scenario that makes Political Correctness an absolute must. Take the Spanish Flu of 1918.  The global mortality rate was estimated at 2.5-5% or between 50 to 100 Million people.  Also up there were the Black Plague, Mustard Gas in WWI, The Holocaust and a few other “manmade disasters”.  Let’s just imagine that we have 300 known terrorists in our custody.  We ask them very nicely, “Please tell us if you’re going to attack us in any way.”  They not so politely tell us to kiss off. We let it go at that.  We don’t want to be seen as mean or politically incorrect or worse yet like torturers.  Okay, here’s the punch line.  Four months into putting them up on US soil in a Hilton or Marriot type jail, with room service of course, we have a biological or chemical attack against us.  It’s not that bad since we don’t look for hard intelligence anymore and the bad guys have years of uninterrupted research and easy access to all the equipment and tools they need to make a really good manmade disaster, bomb or virus.  Luckily for us it only kills 2.5 – 5% of the US population or about 7 to 15 million people.  You also discover that your children and most of your grandchildren and your friends get to die a horribly violent and agonizing death.  We come to find out that the people we have in comfortable custody are singing and dancing praise to their higher power for successfully ridding the world of many infidels.  We can also be very grateful, as we bury our loved ones en mass, that we did not even mess a hair on the bad guys heads because when we find out that they KNEW exactly what was coming and we could HAVE PREVENTED such an attack, we feel much better about our dead children, friends and family because we did the right thing.  I think there is a far cry between how we play and how the bad guys play, but our current leaders would have us drop our pants, bend over and grab our ankles rather than do what’s necessary to protect our own.  I am not proposing lighting terrorists on fire or any of the horrific crimes they carry out but the techniques used by US intelligence officials with the last administration don’t even qualify for tough high school or college hazing, let alone torture.  But we should just do as Jimmy Carter proposed with no human intel and trust everyone at their word.  It always works out so well every time we have Democrats in power. 

I like Sarah Palin and I would vote for her for President with Mitt Romney as VP. I like Condi Rice and would have voted for her too.  I really think we need to cancel Little Bill, Max and Ruby and a few other dysfunctional children’s shows.  American Idol, gone. The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, Law and Order, Oprah, the list is long and disturbing.  I love my wife. This is my first and only marriage.  My kids have limits and rules.  I think people are basically good but have gotten so indecisive while the politically correct folks are so loud that we, the silent majority, need to speak up again before it’s too late.  I think Obama, Pelosi, Biden and the Democrats who voted away your rights, your national security, your tax dollars, spent trillions of dollars of our money on corrupt banks, businesses, stupid projects, pork, false promises and whatever other nonsense should all be IMPEACHED NOW and special elections held tomorrow.  In fact I believe if you impeach the top three the rest will fall in line with the sane.  If we let these idiots keep running the show without a call for impeachment every time they grab a little more power and say to us, “don’t worry we’ll deal with the details later” and every time they cozy up to another dictator like Chavez, Ahmadinejad, and Castro they are telling you likes attract and who they WANT to be in bed with.   It is hard to be communist when the people take back the power and the will is exercised by the elected officials in accordance with the people who elected them.  Recent Tea Parties nationwide have clearly demonstrated that the President and top officials attempting to grab power, control, hiring and firing in the private sector, failing to pay taxes, cozying up to terrorist countries, spending insane amounts of money without fiscal responsibility and diminishing our defensive and intelligence capabilities to a point where the country is at great risk are certainly grounds for impeachment.  Hey what is this going to cost?  Who cares we’ll just tax people to death and everyone can be poor, equal, fair, democrat.  Now let’s tax anyone who ever was successful by 50-90% to make sure that they either end up in the poor house or force them to move their business to another country.  I’m sure glad my children will know under current management that either they never will get past a certain dollar amount of success in their life or they will grow up learning that they will never need to work because the government will give them what they think they need.

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