Best Buy, Not Anymore

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 1:00
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Post written by Rick Doyle

Best Buy – not anymore!

I could not think of a better way to start out this topic than to put up a little truth in advertising that really stunned me.  I have been a fan of Best Buy for many years because of convenience, easy no hassle returns, extended warranties, fast tech repair, price matching and nearly always the best price.  Wal-mart might be the king of cheap but they to are upping prices and savings are slim too none lately.  In designing the blog we decided to do a little upgrade by adding a new set of Network Storage Drives to back up the site, a router (our network router was about to fizzle out) and we needed a new switch as our current switch had one bad port and we needed one with 8 ports instead of 5.  We decided to go with Western Digital My Book World Edition Model WDG1NC10000 1TB.  Nothing fancy; just good-sized hard drives and an extra backup since we’re wired and our hosting service stores the site anyway. Nice warranty, 10 minute easy to configure hook up, 3 year warranty.  So we went online to good old dependable Best Buy to hunt down a deal:

Best Buy’s amazing price of $271.99 was right there for all the world to see.  Wow, what a deal!

I thought I’d check out Western Digital to see what the manufacturer’s suggested retail price was:

Western Digital online store

WD direct price was $269.99

Okay $2 dollars over suggested retail.  Not exactly a crime but come on!  You’re store name is BEST BUY and you’re over retail price???  Then I noticed a little link on the WD page that said “buy locally” which led to a link called “compare prices”.  So I’m a sucker for a bargain, especially free shipping and no local sales tax, so I click and here is what I got:

Prices from $179.99 to $269.99.  Whoa!  Tons of places offer it for almost $100 less, more than 40% cheaper than Best Buy! I took it a step further and checked Newegg online selling the same model for $179.99:

Dell had a one day only sale for $159.99.  I took both ads into (Best Buy) BB for a price match but the Dell sale is now expired and BB said they will only match a local competitor ad.  Circuit City’s price was $219.00 but BB would only match it if it was in stock locally. They no longer match online competitors prices and even certain walk-in stores are questionable.  They did match the Wal-Mart price on a couple of small items but I had to wait for Best Buy to call a local Wal-Mart, speak to someone in the right department to verify the price and that it was on the shelf at that moment before they would match it. I thought it was a nice touch to their great customer service to keep me waiting so long in their attempt to avoid great pricing at all costs.

So for 2 units from Best Buy at $271.99 x 2 + sales tax = $579.34 as compared to Dell’s price of $159.99 with free shipping + a new one I purchased on ebay with full warranty for $110.48 + $18.50 shipping total $128.98 with a grand total of $288.93.  That’s a total savings of $290.41 or over 50% of what Best Buy was charging for the cost of 2 units! 

The only thing that shocked me more was the router and switch comparisons.  The story is the same but I’ll put the links and math here for you on those:

Best Buy price on Netgear ProSafe 8 port 10/100 Mbps fast ethernet switch $54.99

Netgear suggested retail price $49.99

Netgear online store

Netgear was also kind enough to put up a “find a local retailer” and “buy online” links and the prices were awesome! $29.99 – $54.99 Amazon also offers free shipping AND a $20.00 rebate so $39.99 – $20.00 my final cost $19.99.

Best Buy price with sales tax is $58.56 vs Amazon’s price of $19.99 shipped free.  So we saved $38.57 which is 67% and almost enough to buy 2 more switches from Amazon!

Last, but not least, the new router D-Link Model 655 Extreme N Wireless Gigabit.  BB price is $129.00, on sale as I’m writing this for $99.00, with free shipping and sales tax for a total of $105.43.

D-link suggested retail price $129.99

Again thanks to the manufacturer they provided a link to local retailers:

We went thru Amazon again for $94.99 and free shipping, Best Buy at the time was $129.99

Amazon online store

We might have been able to hold out for a better price on Ebay but ours was fading fast therefore we just went for the Amazon but still saved $10.44 or just about 10%.

On a side note our old Netgear FS 105 switch, which is the pro series, was easily returned to Netgear for about $6.50 in shipping cost one way and replaced (lifetime warranty) very quickly and with only about 20 minutes of tech time on the phone. Yeah Netgear!

While I still like going into BB for little things it has become abundantly clear that BB is not the best buy anymore. 

Total cost for all 4 pieces from Best Buy: $743.33

Our actual total cost: $403.91

Total savings over the Best Buy prices: $339.42

The looks on our kids’ faces when they spot their new Nintendo Wii on Christmas morning (purchased with what we saved):  Absolutely Priceless

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  1. aydemirsalih says:

    March 14th, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    Appreciate your this short article. I uncovered it with yahoo and that i believe it is very useful. i most certainly will hunt for more interesting news around this homepage

  2. Flaxton says:

    July 14th, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    This just in… Best Buy sucks….

    They have never had the best prices, and have never been hassle free. On top of that they have the most awful check out system and longest lines in any store I have ever seen.

  3. rusty says:

    July 14th, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    go broke saving money ;-]

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