Doctors, Welfare, Lawyers, Criminals, Are They All The Same

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 2:00
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Doctors, Welfare, Lawyers, Criminals, Are They All The Same

Sorry in advance, this is round two of Venting in my series on multiple complaints about the system and who and how it is being run. See part one here, see part three here, see part four here

Doctors, Lawyers, Insurance:

Pros: You have to have them. They are highly skilled and some of their costs are justified.

Cons: This group deserves each other.  Recently it costs us $452 per child for my kid’s annual checkup which includes the exam, vaccinations and a urine test. Our kids have only had a couple of colds and earaches.  They’ve only been seen by the Pediatrician 3 times, outside of the annual checkup.  Luckily their birthing bill was only about $23,000 and that was with no complications.  Now include the $10,000 a year insurance premium which is $850 a month.  That’s more than our mortgage!  Come on folks, I remember house calls and $5 prescriptions and $15 to $20 Doctor visits being the total, not the deductable.  My wife says anything short of amputation or imminent death, suck it up and deal with it.  Now let’s consider all the Doctors who want to throw a pill at every little thing and run exorbitant tests for everything.  They also want to prolong life even though a drooling brain-dead grandparent is so far gone they have to be fed with a stomach tube yet the Doctor keeps making sure that they stay alive no matter what the cost.   Now what sort of life is that for anyone?  How many TRILLIONS can we waste instead of learning to let go when we should!

Lawyers; can’t live with them, can’t live without them…well maybe.  Simplify the law.  If you steal, hurt someone, do something wrong then you go before a judge or jury, tell your side, DECIDE. Done!  When it cost $100 million dollars to do a bankruptcy in attorney’s fees then something needs to be done to stop the madness.  The 10 commandments and practical law worked just fine for the old west and even if it needed some oversight or regulators to keep it fair but SIMPLE it would eliminate billions in waste.

Insurance.  This is basically just robbery, attorneys, bad investments, too expensive to execute.  We need to stop most of the frivolous law suits and fraud over insuring stupid stuff and keep it simple; cars, house, health and life.  Again beyond the obvious investigate only the things that really need a ‘what happened?’ answer. 


Welfare, Illegal Immigration:

Pros: I’ll have to get back to you on this because I can’t think of any!

Cons:  I worked for The Welfare System for years and then it was Department of Human Services and then it became Family and Children’s Services and soon it will become The Department of Free Handouts for the Useless and Lazy. There are a few divisions that are warranted due to the disabilities of a few. These include the Sex Abuse Unit, Fraud Unit, Elderly Abuse, Severely Disabled and Handicapped Services. General Relief, Aid to Dependent Children and ANY MONEY OR SERVICE GIVEN TO ILLEGALS FOR ANYTHING SHOULD BE DISCONTINUED! The one exception I would allow for ADC for children who are victims beyond their control. For example, if the parents are killed in a fire or accident and they have no other family, some situation such as a child born with disabilities that prevents normal development.  One of the requirements for receiving ADC is that the parents don’t work.  Hello!  Let’s just make sure that they don’t even think about getting a job since we’re handing out free money!  This country was founded by people who would work and even when things got really bad (the depression, the dust bowl, etc.) people did some kind of work or else they perished.  Fourth generation welfare is nothing but a crime. I have seen that work programs don’t work as only one or two per thousand actually benefit.  For decades The Draft provided a work ethic that most of the men I ever met, veterans of both war and peace time, had a sense of responsibility, character, pride, self worth and a sense of nation.   Sadly and inexcusably they are probably the last of their kind that we will ever see again.  15 to 35 million people come to this country ILLEGALLY.  They don’t play by the rules or sign up and follow the process then they end up in gangs or at the very least expend our country’s resources including schools, welfare, medicine, medical facilities and law enforcement resources to combat the problem.   It’s a very long list adding up to hundreds of billions of dollars all because some political moron would rather hand them a check than give them a job or send them back to their own country. 50 to 100 years ago you were grateful for a job and everyone worked!  We Americans are ALL, with the exception of the American Indian whom we shamelessly murdered and robbed blind, descended from immigrants… LEGALLY and through the front door.  We have to stop giving money and services and throw out with prejudice anyone who doesn’t join our country legally and contribute.   This will actually create jobs, drastically reduce US expenses and let those that EARN citizenship legitimately value it and our country, NOT JUST EXPECT THE FREE RIDE at our expense.  Welfare, like unemployment, happens but if it’s limited and without extensions they’ll see 40 years of drinking beer, skipping school or young unwed teen pregnancies is not going to allow them a free ride.  I have friends who invested in subsidized housing for welfare, HUD and others and after putting hundreds of thousands into brand new walls, appliances, carpet, doors, within weeks they were destroyed.  The free ride doesn’t earn respect or gratitude even by the recipients so why should we keep paying especially when they won’t try to improve their own lives?  It’s time to weed out the leeches!


Pros: We all make mistakes and that’s what juvenile records are for.  Here’s a novel idea; juvenile offenders serve their time in the military automatically when you hit eighteen.  With the exception of committing murder, the sentence should be to stay in Juvenile Detention until the offender turns 18, then they serve the remainder of their time in the military.  They receive discipline, education, food, clothing and they get to serve their country while learning some ethics and self-respect. 

Cons:  Convicts are over eighteen and they used to actually serve a purpose while they served their time.  No TV, no benefits, no perks but they could do an honest day’s work and be assigned to pick fruit, road repair, learn a trade or produce goods for an industry instead of outsourcing.  Once they have served their sentence they start again with a clean slate, except dangerous criminals such as sex offenders, murderers and violent crimes.  Look at our old laws.  A murder was punished by execution and the punishment fit the crime.  Why should the honest, hardworking, law-abiding citizen have to pay to sustain a useless, destructive and unwilling person who doesn’t want to live by even the simplest rules? There are some countries where drug dealing, driving while intoxicated and similar crimes are capital offenses. One guess what those criminal rates look like compared to ours?

On a final note on criminals, let’s allow every pirate, terrorist or potential “manmade disaster maker” to do anything they want to us and we will retaliate by paying for their legal team.  If found guilty we will give them 3 squares a day, house them, let them watch TV all day and give them free medical care.  If they’re found innocent or they’ve served their time, we will welcome them to US soil with free money and assistance because they’ve proved they love America and deserve to be here.  If their mission failed the first time maybe we can make it a little easier next time since they’re already here!  We are cancelling interrogations so we can be surprised with their next creative “manmade disaster”.  We won’t try to stop them and we won’t even ask.  With leadership like this I know I’m going to sleep better at nights, in my bunker with a gas mask, broke but free, while we still are, that is.  What’s your thoughts?  That is while we still have freedom of speech left.  Left, that’s a pun!

I didn’t realize it until I got to the end of this section that I lumped the doctors, lawyers, insurance companies, illegal aliens and undeserving welfare recipients in with the criminals.  What a subconscious slip!  I just finished working on a bankruptcy case where 1200 victims of fraud got the shaft from the evil debtor to the tune of about $15 million dollars.  After paying the attorneys over $1.3 Million the victims got a settlement of $425,000 out of $16 Million that the company sold for.  Now that makes me so proud of our American legal system!

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