Land of the Free Because of the Brave

Saturday, September 10, 2011 12:00
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Post Written By Rick Doyle

Land of the Free Because of the Brave

No matter who you are, no matter what you think, if you live in America, the land of the free, it is because of one thing only, and you owe everything you have to the brave. You can say any ridiculous thing you want and you can spew all the rhetoric from the left you want but at the end of the day it is the men and women who have served and continue to serve the United States of America through the military that insure your rights and have for the last 233 years.  If our great, great, great grandfathers had not fought for our freedom from British rule you would be speaking with an accent and it probably would have changed from English to German to Japanese to Russian and finally to Muslim.  The day you can get on your high horse and preach without sacrifice on your part is the day you better realize that your mouth is only running because someone else made the ultimate sacrifice for you.  You have no right to do anything but pray for forgiveness because you’re free at someone else’s expense.  I realized we have a free internet and a free press and our land is ours because of the brave sacrifices our military personnel and their families make every day.  Look at Iran’s elections, Venezuela, Cuba or China’s rigid one child per family rule, Russia or any one of dozens of countries where their idea of democracy is death, prison or worse.  I thought I would bring you a little taste of just how forgetful and ungrateful we are by playing a few videos that give us a little perspective on where we came from and a little commentary on where I think we are going if we don’t get a handle on what is really going on now.  Until you have been in the trenches or given up anything other than a self-righteous leftist, communist, arrogant, ignorant naïve opinion from your protest and fantasy filled head do us all a favor and put a sock in it. For the rest of you who appreciate living in America I apologize and if you are thankful for our troops and what they do, you are American and as true as the red, white and blue.

It was not so long ago we had pride, American spirit and we were a nation united rather than a nation divided. If you forget what side you’re supposed to be on let me remind you.  America saved Europe in WWI, again in WWII and saved South Korea and still protects it to this day (I confess we screwed up in Vietnam badly but our troops did what they were told to do and they don’t deserve anything but our deepest respect and gratitude).   We have sent countless billions, aide, relief workers, engineers you name it to nearly every country on the planet to help virtually everyone because we are empathic Americans.  So how does this play out, let’s see:

(The videos are awesome, for better quality just hit pause let them load then hit play)

Pearl Harbor is a great example

As you can see this cowardly act was directed mostly at US military targets and was a clear act of war, unprovoked by the US in any way.  I guess Japan at the time thought that whole world domination thing was a good idea.  Some folks said we never should have reacted the way we did. Tell that to the 291,557 American soldiers who died for our country.  Yes, over a quarter of a million.  Just in WWII alone so that others could be free and we protected our homeland since California was next on the list for Japan. So we answered with this:


Some say nuking one city was justified but two were over the top.  Personally, I say end the war because it probably saved 3 times as many US lives than if we had attempted to fight them on their own ground.  The Japanese proved island by island that to never surrender was the price they were willing to pay. The nuclear response brought a swift end to the war and set the stage for many years of world peace.  I will also admit it did create M.A.D. policies that also brought around the end of an oppressionist communist Russia thru financial ruin.

So what happened to rock the boat?  Skip forward through the holocaust and the 6 million Jewish people that were slaughtered, the creation of the Israel and the conflict between Arabs and Jews for about 3,000 years let’s get up to the basics. The Middle East with it’s dictators, Islamic rule and the huge chip on its shoulder regarding the Crusades which, by the way, America had nothing to do with but has a few Christians living here and so are guilty by association.  Add the Taliban, Saddam Hussein, Al Queida and money/oil and an invasion of Kuwait. Throw in a side order of Iran, Iraq warring forever and societies stock in a religious antique governing system with a couple of psychopaths running the show plus add enormous greed and stupidity to a massive arsenal and you have the Middle East Conflict. Where do we come in?  Again, simply good old guilt by association.  Whether it’s Saudi Arabia or any other state we helped develop  or just being a Judeo-Christian based country even though we have a basically anything goes policy, freedom of speech, freedom of religion we were not going to let Kuwait be invaded, raped and stripped because Saddam Hussein felt like he could get away with it. Hence we kicked him and his army back to where they belonged and protected a smaller country and ally.  Bad US! Since we didn’t all convert as well we were really bad!  We needed to be wiped from the earth as “infidels”.  So one morning we woke up and:

September 11, 2001


If you can watch this and not feel for every one of those people, their families and all that had to witness or work thru that horror you are not human.  Innocent people threw themselves from over 100 stories above the ground to their death rather than burn alive. Hundreds of rescue workers died trying to save a few precious lives.  In just a few short moments I saw our nation and the world reach out us.  Those who had given their lives for decades to others were finally getting some support, some acknowledgement that we needed them now more than ever. We were free and were not going to be victims without a response.  We were counting on the brave to protect us.  We wanted the powers that sent such terrifying devastation on our homeland to be stopped.  You can’t reason with a terrorist, a fanatic or a dictator just as there is no man in a trench who is an atheist.  The demands were simple, give up every freedom you have, go Islamic surrender to terrorist or we were going to face Jihad.  The America I belong to never gives up or gives in to tyranny or terrorism and never surrenders for us or our allies.

Our only mistake the second time around in Iraq was to not completely wipe it clean without half measures or stopping.  We started to rebuild too soon.  We never had these problems with Germany or Japan or some others because we finished the job.  Here we are at the mercy of many years and many US lives trying to give a repressed nation and the Middle East a chance at democracy and again the only thanks we get from the democrats are persecution of a few bad apples and requests to release pictures that will harm our troops and give terrorists a trip to paradise. You know the program where we take hostile enemy combatants and let them out of prison to go live in nice condo’s in Bermuda.

We are so worried about the rights of terrorists that we have to rely on donations and scrapping up care packages for troops.  They even have to supply their own bullet proof vests.  However the president wants to spend $3.5 trillion on ten years worth of health care for about 20 million people who I’m sure half of them are probably illegal aliens.  Our troops and CIA, FBI and other agency personnel have kept us safe from another 911 type event for almost 8 years now and we reward them with low pay, lack of support and worry about what we can do for terrorists while they serve their second or third tour of duty.  We are free and feel safe in our homes while they fight and gather intelligence making sure we sleep.  We count on the brave but from what I see and all the left rhetoric the brave can’t seem to count on us. America, what is wrong with you when you tolerate a president that apologizes worldwide for who we are and protecting ourselves after 911. It seems that the horrors of 911 are fading from so many people’s memory and with it the righteous indignation that we should still be feeling as a unified Nation.


Who did you elect that allows North Korea to blow up 3 nuclear bombs, threaten its neighbors and threaten us while testing missile after missile without a response beyond ‘we are going to search your ships’.  When did America lose its stick. When the world knows by our leadership that we are not the brave it will only be a matter of time before we are not the free. Please watch these videos and tell me that you can look ANY veteran in the eye and not owe them your life.  Watch these and tell me that their sacrifices have not been why you have the free speech and nice home and peace of mind because they gave all and continue to do so.  Watch this and ask yourself what have you done for a solider today, their family or your country.  Ask yourself when and why is our country being led down the path to weakness and oppression of OUR rights and liberties. What can you do to strengthen our country or to thank the troops.  Would your father or grandfather or family member that served in the military be proud of how you act towards your country or the troops who protect it?  I hope when you watch these you understand we are free because of the brave and we need to thank them and support them!


I come from a long line of veterans, my wife is an army veteran, as well as her father and brother and we have one swabby nephew.  I know that the garbage you hear out of Pelosi, Obama and the democrats on the left should be forced to go fight for one tour before you can take any office or represent anyone.  This is a long overdue thank you for our troops.  When you get the people out of office who don’t put our safety, security and welfare of our brave soldiers first you are basically saying that we surrender our country and our free way of living, please control me and make me convert to your beliefs no matter what the cost.  You stop being free and you betray the brave.  Feel free to argue this or comment on this as I’m sure any soldier or family that is reading this will appreciate the support.

Thank you with all our heart, Topic Island!


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    July 26th, 2010 at 3:13 am

    Im going to tell you now, I think im adding you to my favorite writers list. This is such a great post and really hit the nail on the head for me. Please keep it up. Your readers appreciate you.

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