Let Us All Ride the Free Train to Lazy, Fat and Useless

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 1:00
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Let Us All Ride the Free Train to Lazy, Fat and Useless

I’ll apologize now since this is only round one of Venting in my series on multiple complaints about the system, who is running it and how it is being run. See part two here, see part three here, see part four here

We Americans are the masters of more for less and just when you thought you could get just a little less for your dollar someone comes out with a new way to squeeze everyone some more.  I’ll apologize to the good honest people who are part of the following groups; Unions, Teachers, Lawyers, Doctors, Insurance, Welfare, Illegal Immigration, Criminals, Automotive Industry, Federal Agencies, Religious Clergy, Weight Loss Programs, Animal Rights, Banks, Pro Athletes, Models and probably at the top of the chart Politicians and Politically Correct!

This Country was founded on free market principles and a lot of seriously hard work. Real work, integrity and high standards with a healthy dose of pride and self respect.  I’ll give you a few examples of each from my slightly prejudiced position and we’ll see what you think. 


Pros:  At one time there was a real need for Unions. They were the representation of the little guy through strength in numbers to ensure that conditions were fair in the workplace.  I have no problem with a need being recognized and the group forcing change through solidarity. Examples would include; dangerous unsafe work conditions, excessive hours, child labor, abuse of personal, dangerous manufacturing or unsafe products that upper management knowingly allowed to be produced despite the objections of workers and many more subjects that needed improvement and a group effort could bring that about effectively since there was no outside intervention. Yeah, one for the little guy!

Cons: The Unions have now gone so far over the edge of equality that the balance now hangs heavily on the side of the employee.  They are now filled with corruption and political manipulation but more importantly most of what they did accomplish originally is now regulated by organizations such as OSHA, Wage and Hour, Workers Comp, and other agencies and oversight but everyone has to keep running the good old boy system as a collective bargaining chip so that companies now pay out so much for so little that we all get the benefits of Union inflation for everything we buy or use.  It’s no wonder that companies have moved manufacturing and outsourced so much when they have to pay a single person $35 an hour (after benefits) to simply watch a machine put a nut on a bolt or some other ridiculous task.  Add an extra 20-30 years on a life span and pay benefits at an outrageously inflated rate and we are letting unnecessary Unions bankrupt what little manufacturing or other Union related jobs devastate our economy. We wonder why business goes to such extreme lengths to hire illegal aliens and are struggling to sell $40,000 cars that should cost around $10,000.  We have turned the power of the Unions into a hog sty.  The hogs have no manners, no integrity or self respect because they don’t know the satisfaction of an honest day of work.  Then they complain about the quality and cost of US goods.  I complain about my taxes being so high since I’m paying for education and medical costs for the illegal aliens while they take our jobs.  At least that is how the Union guy explained it, or was it the President?  Does this sound familiar?


Pros:  We have to have them and they are a very necessary part of our culture. There are those who have given above and beyond just because they love to pass on the lessons and information and want to see the next generation learn and grow and prosper.  They are invaluable as they take the blank slates and write the programs that allow millions to invent their lives and live their dreams.  We would not be writing or reading this if it had not been for teachers.

Cons:  When I was a child we went to school 182 days a year.  We went in the snow until it got over 6 inches. We even went to school when the boilers were broken and I remember sitting in class in sleeping bags and blankets for a few days in the cold.  In those days if you couldn’t read, write or failed your math lessons you DID NOT move onto the next grade.  I remember when there was no tenure!  When a teachers career span was 20-30 years not 10. I remember when field trips and curriculums were relevant and accurate.  My kids were recently required to go to a fast food restaurant to learn to make healthy food choices and they learned their school fast food song which highlights their terribly unhealthy fare. We pack our children’s breakfast, lunch and snack every day because we don’t want them spending their school day all sugared up on Frosted Pop Tarts, chocolate milk and ultra processed fat and sugar based meals.   Fox network has been doing a segment on your kid’s school books that are not accurate.  Each week they bring in an expert who dissects the truth from the lies that have been inserted in the text books that our kids now learn from.  I was horrified not just at the outright lies and twisted truths but also at what has been dropped from our knowledge base.  If you do a little research you might start considering home schooling but at least your kid will know what peanuts are (yes, even if he or she is allergic to them) and who George Washington Carver was.  The extreme left wing doctrine and PC garbage that is being tossed around as required as well as the loss of our basic values such as reciting the Pledge of Allegiance or anything Santa Claus shouldn’t be taught because someone might be offended or have an allergy is insane.  On the news the other day I saw a school in the Oregon that was forcing lessons regarding same sex relations as required attendance.  Parents who objected to their young children having to sit thru these lessons could actually be fined for letting their kids skip these lessons and would be punished for truancy.  I don’t want to be the one to say this but not one of us would be here if same sex relationships were the norm.  

I cringe when I hear teachers whining about pay and benefits…yes, another union.  Most teachers work only half a year but get paid for a full year with year round benefits. Now add school vacations, snow days and national holidays. There are even some schools who don’t teach anything about WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, World Trade Center Attacks and decades of events that shaped who we are.  If merit pay were ever awarded and tenure taken away, I’d bet the farm we would end up with really smart kids and probably only a fraction of the teachers that we have now but they would only be the best; those few that were born to teach.

On a separate but related footnote, what idiot thought that paying for an illegal immigrant’s child’s education, medical costs plus food and resources was their right?  My wife put it another way: If your neighbor had a dog that dug under the fence into your yard and then had puppies are you now responsible for raising those puppies?  Paying the Vet bills, getting them dewormed and their puppy shots, buying puppy food, a dog house, housebreaking the puppies, sending them to the dog trainer for behavioral modification (so they don’t join the neighborhood doggie gang)?  Shouldn’t they just go right back with the mother to the neighbors where they belong?  After all, your neighbor IS their rightful owner.  And since you have to spend all that money and time for dogs that aren’t even yours, you have no money or time left over to care for your own pet who suffers unfairly.  It doesn’t really matter whether the chicken or the egg came first.  So therefore ILLEGAL means they are NOT HERE LEGALLY.  Therefore their children, their spouse and their own happy little illegal self should be escorted right back out of the country IMMEDIATELY.  The only cost we should have upon discovering that someone is here illegally is the cost of the process of legal immigration to expel them.  They do not pass Go, do not collect benefits, welfare, education or healthcare because they are TRESPASSING.  I owe my children and my fellow Americans reasonable care, employment and safety first and foremost.  If I want to help and have the means without additional expense or hardship to our citizens then I can ship out whatever extra jobs, money, health care or other to NON US people.  If you are not supposed to be here period, I sure as hell do not need to pay for the results of your illegal deeds or children.  If I do that I might as well invite all the do gooders to serve time in jail for illegal’s crimes.  Why should they do time or be responsible for their children when it is our fault for their circumstances. If we need to pay for criminals well being we might as well serve their time too, we certainly don’t want to send them back to where they belong. We need more stress and fewer resources here for our own children.  Really.  Ask anyone who thinks we OWE it to them, especially since they aren’t supposed to be here in the first place. Come on, give up your job and 90% of your paycheck to an illegal family and you’ll feel better, your kids are fat, worthless Ipod junkies who need to eat less anyway.

When I started to write this post much like going to the grocery store hungry, after about 9 pages I decided to break this into about 4 posts.  This is round one of a multi round fight where freedom and democracy and old fashioned values like self defense, justice, fair play, masculine, feminine, freedom of speech and capitalism might just get a voice and a Hoo Ra!  I have to run now because I heard there was a Tea Party protesting excessive taxation and extreme government spending.  Of course those who think they should work for free to support drug habits, illegal aliens, unemployable practicing alcoholics, politicians in multimillion dollar homes and fancy offices, doctors, lawyers and insurance costs, criminals, pirates, terrorists and their related expenses and defenses I’m sure will be at the Tea Party to help contribute to these very worthy causes.  Let’s all ride the free train to fat, lazy, useless and corrupt and by the way, who is driving this train wreck?  Not the will of the people, unless of course you’re one of the schmucks getting the free ride.  Let’s give them some driver’s licenses and voting rights too as that’s a really good plan to stay in office! I will address the government, president and immigrants in more detail in the next 3 posts. Warning: It will not be a tea party, office party, party favor or political party.

I have left a few things sacred to this point like parents behavior at sporting events, conceal and carry, World Peace, the President’s agenda for Socialism and the US conversion to Communism and PETA pooper scoopers.  I can tell you that Venting is not for the faint of heart and I am just getting started.  So please chime in with your 2 cents worth anytime. I can’t afford a dime.

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