Like God, Obama Does Not Apologize for Anything and is Never Wrong

Sunday, July 26, 2009 12:00
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Post written by Rick Doyle

Like God, Obama Does Not Apologize for Anything and is Never Wrong

When you are a self proclaimed omnipotent God, you simply can’t be wrong; ever.  Our leader has demonstrated that apologizing, admitting he F’d up or any hint of an admission that he didn’t get something right is so far below him, he doesn’t even realize that that is his Achilles heel.  I have posted lots of articles that clearly spell out one fiasco directed by our perfect God-like leader so rehashing the insanity of stupidity is pointless.  What I do want to point out are the behavior flaws and psychological composition of the Great Obama, Lord of all he controls to see if the rest of us are just so incredibly stupid that his intelligence is so far beyond our understanding that we can’t grasp the shrewdness of his strategy.  Or maybe he’s just wrong.  I would undoubtedly grant him the title as the slickest car salesman in the world but he already appointed a Czar for that.  He would have appointed himself the title of Greatest and Wisest Health and Economics Genius in history but He Czar’d that already too.  He is Commander in Chief but I think that’s only because ‘God of the Control Freaks’ just doesn’t look appropriate on the door plaque to the White House.  It seems like yesterday that the media had him walking on water.  What happened?

Consider the following :

Why is it that everything Obama wants is a crisis, a dire emergency and catastrophe will only be averted if we follow his plan immediately and without question or reading the print.  Of course, the fine print will work its way through later, much like Ex-lax.  I know from watching my children’s DVDs that this sounds a lot like Chicken Little or maybe the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  Eight months of the sky is falling and then declaring each week that anything that goes wrong is due to the Bush administration, whether they had anything to do with it or not.  Declaring weekly that everything is either collapsing, or is about to, is no longer alarmist it just lacks any shred of credibility.  Of course after the first few Trillion dollars spent it all starts to look the same. I think the whole “racial profiling” stupid cop story didn’t play well at all.  Of course when you begin a sentence with “I am not familiar with the facts” after making racial accusations everything after that carries a definite sour note.  Of course an apology would never be forthcoming from Obama on anything from bad stimulus decisions to major gaffs because he’s never wrong.   Let’s settle racial difficulties with…drinking beer!  Yeah, we can all get drunk and forget how Obama insults whites, cops, economists, Doctors, military people, handicapped people, Republicans, conservative media…this is a really long list of people he has a problem with…and getting longer with every speech.  He has such a God complex that he believes everyone MUST like me or see it my way (ask Joe the Plumber about that) thus you have the makings of a major egomaniac with an inferiority complex.  It’s hard at the top especially when you’re always right!

But really, Mr. President, tell me how the trillions of dollars are working out for those of us who are unemployed.  Where are the jobs you promised and spent hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars on and told us the world would stop spinning if we didn’t give you our great, great, great grand children’s futures on a silver platter NOW.  I found them right here:

What makes me feel warm and fuzzy and safe all over when I think of your deadlines and demands for overhauling every freedom and aspect of our American way of life is your vast knowledge and experience with health care.  Your admission of not having read the single most expensive proposal, which consequently could destroy the US economy and irreversibly dismantle health care in the US, as well as your, “I’m not familiar with that” line despite the fact that you’re trying to ram it down our throats.  However I feel better knowing that we are growing government and you are paying more Czars and creating more positions than the last 5 Presidents in history combined.  The sheep that voted you into office by your estimation are too stupid to understand your keen wisdom and since you know what America needs you have the guiding principle of “Don’t question, just trust me blindly…the cliff’s over here.”  Take the cash for clunkers program as an example.  Great idea, since you now own two thirds of all the auto companies in the US along with most of the banking.  It hardly seems fair that 250,000 are benefitting off the taxes of 300 Million people, for a program that was so ill-conceived that a 4 month plan ran out of funds in 4 days.  (Update: now $3 billion to benefit 750,000 that the rest of us get to pay for.)  The frightening thing is that this plan was no better thought out than the Great Bailout where you were meant to help people with their mortgages in order to prevent them from losing their homes yet we have one of the greatest foreclosure rates in history during your 8 months in office.  Billions of dollars were allocated for that reason but the restrictions were so extreme that no one could qualify. 

Why does everything you want have to be “right now” and yet you keep telling America, “Just give me a couple of terms to turn it around.”?  I see Billions of our tax dollars going to projects that God Obama thinks are going to create jobs starting with road construction and light bulbs.  Did I miss something here?  Obama keeps saying how this and that spending on roads and bad energy policy will create millions of jobs.  I don’t want to point out the obvious, but of the 6-7 million folks out of work right now, how many were road workers, solar installers or windmill manufacturers?  How many people out of 6-7 million who are jobless are either a) physically capable or educated in road building, b) can operate cranes or factory machines in solar plants or windmill installation and/or c) want to go from a masters degree and making $75,000 to $150,000 a year to making minimum wage making CF light bulbs?  Thank God (or Obama) that the college degrees people have worked so hard to earn are going to serve them well by putting them to work paving roads.

I would like to take the chance to thank the Blue Dog Democrats for standing up and doing the right thing by slowing down the drunken sailor spending.  I predict that you may have just saved your jobs out of all the Democrats who are going to get badly beat in 2010 elections with the Republicans taking back control.  Obama threatening to not raise funds for you may end up being in your favor.  I don’t think Pelosi with her soaring approval rate of 29% is going to be running the House much longer.  Obama is the world’s slickest used car salesman and uses your needs and fears against you.   He knows that if you’re desperate enough you will buy a piece of junk that he will represent as the greatest, most necessary piece of junk ever, no matter the fact that it doesn’t run and will slowly kill you and your country.  Don’t forget the fact that he owns the car companies, the banks that loan the money for the cars, the insurance companies who insure the cars.  Now the hospitals and Doctors are next on his list to make sure you have to go through him to get treatment from the accident that he caused selling you the junk you can’t pay for.  He is intentionally trying to create a DEPENDENCY on him and the US government for all things Obama.  Omnipotent?  He’s beginning to get that way.  Feels somewhat like déjà vu, doesn’t it?  It’s exactly what the guy in Germany did just before WWII and Castro in Cuba, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Mussolini in Italy, the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia and the Communist in China, Russia and North Korea?  Wow, a Master with a master plan.  I’ll bet those who voted the King into power are wishing Palin was President instead.  Maybe 2012?  Go Dems! 

Just a side note/observation, doesn’t it seem a bit bizarre that King Obama can spend 6 months picking out a “first family” dog but he wants us to buy without question a total revision of  US health care in 3-4 weeks.

We welcome your opinion even if you admit you don’t have the facts but want to make racial slurs and slam police departments for doing the right thing.  I just hope when you make comments that you use NO four letter words and it doesn’t mess up my TV shows week in and week out like Obama does with his feverish primetime harassment demanding that we grant him more power.  I don’t want to miss anymore episodes of Wipeout, Better off Ted, Season Premieres or Finales listening to God Obama complain that we aren’t agreeing with every socialist idea or Trillion dollar expenditure du jour.  Who knows maybe we won’t get nuked, bio attacked or apologize ourselves to death before then.  Please share your thoughts.

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