Thank You for Canceling My Entertainment

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 7:00
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Post written by Rick Doyle

Thank You for Canceling My Entertainment


Like so many good tunes from the ‘60s and early ‘70s say it is better to burn out than to fade away.  Except when you don’t have an ending!  This is a tribute to every Television Executive who enjoys premature hackulation.  Thank you very much for canceling good TV shows that have only aired for 6 to 10 episodes into a season. Sometimes you’re even nice enough to let a show get a season under its belt, bring it back and then cancel it right in the middle. Eli Stone, Invasion, Surface, Journeyman, Three Moons Over Milford, Jericho, Life on Mars, Threshold, The Dresden Files, Moonlight and Six Degrees just to name a few of the recent casualties.  They all seem to air just long enough to get you hooked on them and then they pull the rug right out from underneath you and cancel them.  Okay geniuses, let’s see if we can figure out what inspires the stupid decisions that reduce us to the point of watching unbelievably dull reruns and shows so lame that I am forced to watch YouTube videos and obscure cable channels watching “Mating Habits of The Yak” or “True Life Sightings of Big Foot”.  Better yet let’s do a 2 day moronathon of Ghost Hunters or WWE/ECW. 

What inspires an executive to cancel a show that is just starting to get a decent storyline and character development in favor of repeating Samantha Who or Sex in the City or worse yet Two and a Half Men?  My favorite is back to back episodes 3 nights a week of How I Met Your Mother or one of 3 versions of CSI (which we watched the first time around and have no desire to watch again 5 or 6 times) Ugly Betty, The Office or 30 Rock, Wife Swap, Super Nanny, Jon & Kate Plus 8, Cold Case and endless reruns of Law and Order. Who says that watching the same episodes from 2003/4 over and over is going to inspire me to tune in and support the advertisers to watch the same tired jokes and murders get solved the same way for the 30th time? Somebody please give me a root canal instead! Maybe another awards show especially for the writers of such pathetic drivel. Seriously, who in their right mind would want to watch 4 hours of mind-numbing thank you’s by people who are paid staggering amounts of money to “act” like idiots. Let’s save an iceberg or a guppy while the economy goes down the drain.

It would appear that someone at the top has come up with the brilliant plan to take a show with good ratings and really spice it up. Push the storyline in a completely different direction, tweak the characters until they are completely unrecognizable and add intense amounts of implausible drama.  With a plan like that they are sure to lose anyone who ever liked it.  Take Eli Stone, for example.  Clever and fresh idea, singing and dancing out of the blue with liberal amounts of humor, realistic drama and a good guy fighting for the underdog.  Okay, now kill it just into the second season.  Or they take a show down stupid lane.  A feeble storyline with some shock and trailer humor dumbed down to the same show every week.  Just change the victims or the amount of skin flashed which will prove that people will watch anything, especially if they don’t have a choice.  They paid for one bad show and then air it 258 times. No new production cost, no new scripts, stages, consumers or audience. Some dim-witted executive can then do an awards show and honor its own garbage having gotten another award for the same crud that they aired 100 times.  Why take a chance at actually developing a story with plot and characters when you can hijack the advertisers and the medium? It’s like a glut of bad 3X movies without the twangy music and nakedness.

Remember when shows were in their tenth original season?  Shows like Mash, Johnny Carson, The X-files, Star Trek Next Generation, Friends, Cheers, Wide World of Sports, Wonderful World of Disney, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.  Okay, so I’m older than a lot of you!  The point is that even Survivor, the grandfather of reality shows, is on season 18.  Always a new cast, they occasionally add new twists, but it’s always fun with different and interesting locales, easy to follow and they let it get more than 6 episodes and don’t overwork it. 

Here is the bottom line; anyone with an IQ over 80 does not want to watch a show unless it is on DVD more than twice!  Even a mediocre series or one that is slow to develop is better to watch once all the way through 12-16 episodes than to quit before it even has a chance to get started.  I have found so many cool shows that were dropped by the networks and picked up by the cable stations and they rocked.  Well the slightly longer versions of their only seasons.  I want ALL advertisers to read this.  I will not watch or buy anything advertised on a repeat show unless it is just a same week rebroadcast of a first run…in case I missed it the first night.  Please tell your network that you don’t want to advertise on any show that is cut before it’s season is complete. A season is (drum roll please) 12-16 episodes!  Not 6! Remember when we got 30 episodes out of a show in a single year? 

The writer’s strike was a bad joke. An average annual writer’s salary is $125,000 plus benefits.  I sincerely hope that their suffering was not as horrible as the 651,000 new jobless claims that occurred last month in the US.  Please tell me that shows like Lost, 24, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and a few others that made it more than a season or two will not get cut back to 10 episodes per season because the writers are overworked.

I’ve complained enough about lame TV for one day.  Besides, I have to go program my DVR to record nature shows and Noggin because I can’t bear another repeat on network.  I hope that there are enough of us to revolt so that advertisers will start demanding that shows are either completed or they’ll pull their advertising. We are the ones who can tell the advertisers that we won’t watch it or buy it so pass it on.   NO MORE RERUNS!

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