The Obama Plan

Saturday, June 6, 2009 12:00
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The Obama Plan

So far, the Obama plan is working like a charm.  He has spent more money than any other president in history in a fraction of the time and now he wants to top that with a health care plan that would be fatal for America.  He has a stimulus package that has cost Trillions and either no one wants the money or the strings attached to the money are so treacherous that bankruptcy has become a preferred choice by many companies.  Does King Obama want to kill America?  Will health care really matter when the country has no life to support?  Is Obama or the Obama plan so insane that only the desperate or the illegals would believe anything he says, no matter how stupid it sounds?  At what point do you look around and see that his blame game (when someone has a finger pointed at everyone else because it is all THEIR fault, they better look at that hand and see that it has 4 fingers pointing back at the pointer) is the only assignment of responsibility he seems to possess.  Let’s take a look at what Obama and his plan so far is doing to an average American family like mine.

Here’s our quick rundown of our healthcare costs for a family of 4 which includes myself, my wife and our 4 year old twins.  We had Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare coverage up until last year.  We are basically self-employed in a small business so we have to pay for our coverage out of our pocket.  We are all pretty healthy with no major problems.  With Anthem we had a co-pay of $5,000 with 70% coverage, $50 co-pay for office visits and our prescription deductible was $15 generic and $25 name brand.  We were allotted one wellness visit for each of us per year.  Annually we paid $12,000 plus the co-pays so it totaled $17,000 out of pocket!  Not a great coverage plan but the very next month after King Obama was elected our policy renewal was raised to $24,000 a year, $2,000 a month with 70% coverage.  Needless to say we started shopping around for a better and less expensive healthcare plan and we decided on Humana.  Our policy runs $8,400 a year with an annual $3,000 individual deductible, $5,000 family deductible with no prescription coverage or co-pays until the individual or family deductible is met, then everything is covered 100%.  So basically our health care runs $11,400 to $13,400 a year but everything is 100% covered, including all drug costs after that.  Our twins run us about $400-$450 for each child per annual physical which is included in the policy.  But we are still $950 a month out of pocket if we never even go to the doctor! 

Since everything Obama does is either cryptic, double talk, an outright lie or he assigns someone to come up with a master plan that no one ever sees but the details are forthcoming is apparently the great Obama Health Care Plan of 2009. First tax anything and everything starting with employers and individuals with their own healthcare plans who are self sustaining.  Second, bankrupt Medicaid and Medicare.  Oh wait, that’s already in the works.  Third, give free healthcare to all of America’s illegals, the Millions of them that Americans are supporting. Fourth, tax even more because we have to pay for the health care that we already promised but now can’t pay for.  When you’re on the way to killing America, kill the wealth by taxing it till it’s gone.  Fifth, in order to cover the 16 to 30 million Americans who can no longer afford health care he’ll pin healthcare taxes onto the healthcare bills of those who can still pay for their healthcare until they too are bankrupt and have to be added to the group who can no longer afford it.  As a small, new business who can barely make enough to pay the healthcare bill then add the proposed 28% tax, which is an extra $3,750 onto my healthcare thus an increase from $13,400 a year to $17,150.  At which point I can’t afford the taxes or the health care so I fold up and go on the new “improved” Obama plan of please give me free health care at someone else’s expense.  Did I mention that would probably be the case for every small business in America?  Why pay for invisible employees healthcare when you can just fire half of those that work for you, put them on part time hours so you don’t have to pay their current health care or 1099 everything using subs and fire everyone so they can all get free Obama Health care.  By the way, all those on Medicaid or Medicare since that is basically bankrupt, get added to the Obama plan.  Sooner than later we will run out of people who can afford to pay everyone in America’s healthcare and you know what happens then?  America goes bankrupt, comes to a screaming halt and will never be the same America that we’ve always known and love.  Maybe that is culmination of The Obama Plan after all.  Nobody could listen to this BS and believe it could work or would be good for anyone but the illegals or free loaders.  We have friends from England and Canada, both of which are lovely countries.  But waiting a year to get in to see a doctor is insane.  Dying while on a waiting list for treatment of something simple because it took so long to get to see a Doctor that your wait time pushed you from a treatable stage to a terminal stage is really insane.  Finally on this subject Obama is claiming that you would keep your Doctor of Choice and Hospital of Choice, and I have the Hoover Dam for sale too!  Folks think about this; would you work for nearly nothing?  Let’s say your Doctor charges $100 for a service, insurance pays $75 you pay $25.  He has to pay staff, malpractice, overhead, dozens of things to keep the door open and don’t forget Obama’s cut – TAXES.  Do you really think that your Doctor is going to A) keep you on if he is only getting paid $25 from the Obama plan and nothing from you, B) level of care is going to be the same with a 75% pay cut or C) your Doctor closes up shop or tells you I can’t work for nothing find someone else who can.  Answer – ALL THE ABOVE! Hey it’s just like the car industry, kill everything and there is NO COMPETITION, we’ll do it the Obama communist way.   So no matter how free, cheap or brilliant the Obama Plan claims to be, dead is not a great deal (though if you’re dead you wouldn’t have to pay taxes anymore)!

Next Obama Plan backfire, automotive industry.  Let’s look at why my wife and I are NOT buying a car or at least not an American made car right now.  People used to joke about corrupt officials “being in bed” with someone.  The Obama Auto Industry is having the orgy of all times.  It is Caligula times a few hundred billion. Maybe even $3.5 Trillion!  As a typical family, especially one that lives 50 miles from a major city and lives on a farm, we need a car that will fit 4 and a truck (yes, one of those big gas guzzling vehicles because you can’t put an 1100 pound tractor tire in a Yugo).  As an American who needs a new car but won’t buy a new one because the Obama plan is working well.  Obama the Car Guru said many, many times he didn’t want to own a car company but now he has 2 of the Big Three and they are both bankrupt and he only managed to spend a few hundred billion on them in the process.  Hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs, 2,000 auto dealers lost their life’s businesses and cities across America are getting their tax revenue bases slaughtered thanks to King Obama who didn’t want to own and is definitely NOT running the companies currently.  He then gave the short end of the stick to all the share holders and bond holders and made sure that the Unions got a nice big cut.  Then he sold off our once manufacturing pride auto industry for a fraction of its worth to Italian car maker Fiat and China gets to buy GM for even less.  Great Plan Obama.  Don’t forget to tax it all some more.  So my wife and I are driving in our car burning really high priced gas and many American car lots either have almost no cars on them or since they are in bankruptcy we don’t know if they’ll even be there after the purchase for service or parts. I want to spend $30,000 for a car I can’t order the way I want it, can’t find parts for and can’t be sure if the guy I even bought it from will be in business a week later, so I can drive an extra fifty miles when I do need service because my small rural dealers are all closed.  But it won’t matter anyway since the Obama great American company cars won’t need gas and they will assign us electric cars that if you lived within 25 miles of work, home, school etc you could recharge and go almost anywhere without too much problem.  Since electric cars have very limited range and no hauling capabilities those of us who live outside the cities producing the food YOU live on will just have to walk.  So my wife and I are looking at a Toyota 4Runner.  We have a gravel driveway that’s ¾ mile long, very steep and live off of a major creek so we need a vehicle with 4 wheel drive, with enough cargo space for a family of 4 to stock up on our once a month trip to the city for food and supplies.  We can thank Obama for killing the economy and the car industry so the average family who can’t get a loan because Obama is killing all the banks and job market guarantee that getting a new car is almost impossible.  This family can’t and won’t be buying an American car anytime soon.  We have a Chevy Diesel American Truck for the farm because we have to but if Obama has his way he will kill the American farms and in the process, the American farmer too.

This brings around the 3rd example of living in the Obama dead zone; farms, fuel and taxes.  They are tied together as King Obama has decreed that as god he demands “immediate” action on everything.  Most of his sentences start out with, “we must” then he states his next insane or stupid socialist demand.  Take for example, taxing by the mile or taxing farmers or reducing fuel use and demanding more higher fuel efficiency on EVERYTHING.  So here we are on our farm.  You eat the food that farmers grow.  The food that they grow en masse to feed 300 MILLION people in America.  3 meals a day every day plus snacks plus plus for the plus size in some of us.  A loaf of bread $1.50 a gallon of milk $2.25 a dozen ears of corn $3.00.  Let Obama do what he wants and you’ll be at 100 times that cost.  Picture a $200 carrot, maybe a $400 hamburger or even a $1,000 Happy Meal.  You think it can’t happen but look at Europe during World War I and II when people were using wheelbarrows full of cash to buy a loaf of bread. With the new restrictions, taxes and other insane ideas that the king has come up with plus spending us into total economic collapse inflation will rise to a level that will make the depression look like a prosperity party.  Just to bale hay on our family farms takes about 300 gallons of fuel for each cutting.  What you don’t use for your own livestock you sell to other farmers.  You need to fertilize and spray fields or you eventually sour the ground or turn it to weeds. For 800 round bales times $25 per bale equals $20,000. 600 gallons of fuel times $3 per gallon equals $1,800 plus fertilizer and Roundup $8,000 plus equipment cost $100,000 averaged over 5 years plus interest about $25,000 a year!  So your $20,000 crop cost you $34,800 which is a loss of $14,800 a year.  For raising soy beans, corn, cattle and other live stock you have to have shelters or barns, medicines, fences, a bunch more equipment and no matter what you do you still haven’t paid yourself for the hundreds of hours you put in plus you have to work a second job just to feed your family.  Please President Obama put some more good ideas on the table and pressure the people who feed you.  Or are you too busy spending the taxpayers money by taking your wife on a dinner date to New York or Paris or getting promo shots of AirForce One flying over the New York skyline? Farmers usually farm mostly because they’ve grown up with it and love it not because it is profitable.  If you raise farmers taxes, take away benefits or inflict more economic hardship on the average farm you will insure the farmers either quit or raise prices so high the cost of living will be impossible to feed anyone.  The multimillion dollar farms are not the majority and they are NOT that profitable.  Run them out of business, raise fuel cost and you might just get your wish of collapsing the entire US economy.

I want to thank Obama for sending the terrorists to a tropical paradise that they can easily leave and go back to their terror camps.  I hope that $200 million plus the billions more you plan to spend this week will make sure that they live in the comfort WE are used to paying to keep them inn.  Also thank you for not lifting a finger against North Korea after they exploded their 3rd nuclear bomb and you did nothing to protect legitimate elections in Iran after that fiasco.  As long as the people of America know that you’re doing everything you can to kill the U.S. way of life and moving us to a socialist dictator state under your omnipotent rule, the people can sleep nights knowing that you’re on the job, killing a few hundred thousand American jobs every month.  You’re not done yet, you still have to kill Ford, healthcare, farms and the economy before you start your reelection campaign.  America, we had better wise up fast or this insane leader will kill everything this country ever worked to become over the last 233 years. Either you are mindlessly following him and believe anything that comes out of his mouth or you’re too afraid to stand up to his insanity.  You better start your Tea Parties and vote out the Democrats every chance you get or you may end up voting Iranian or Venezuelan style sooner than you think. I just can’t wait for our Savior the Omnipotent King Obama to tax air and water next, somebody has to pay for his date nights!

Before I close I have to ask, how in the world did we dedicated Americans ever vote in a President who doesn’t possess a single drop of Patriotism?  How can one run a Country that he doesn’t love, a Country that he’s not willing to die for, how can he love this great Country when his roots are buried deep within another countries soil?  For the first time in my life I am deeply ashamed of the leader of my Country.  I am very afraid that the values and principles that created and shaped this majestic Nation are dying under the control of one man and She will never be the same again.  It pains me to think that my children will probably never comprehend my love of my country as by the time they are old enough to understand, there will no longer be any standards, principles or values worthy of pride.

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